Hyundai HY3000Si 2.8kW Inverter Generator

Hyundai HY3000Si 2.8kW Inverter Generator

  • A powerful 2.8kW inverter generator for the camping, caravan and motorhome communities.

  • Lightweight, portable and quiet for easy transportation, storage and convenience.

  • Powered by a 5.2hp HX149 petrol engine.

  • Features an “ECO” mode for improved fuel economy.

  • Uses pure sine wave technology for a clean power output. 



The Hyundai HY3000Si is a 2.8kW petrol inverter generator which is perfect for off-grid use and extremely popular in the camping, caravan and motorhome markets. Using pure sine wave technology, which mimics the power produced by the mains supply, the HY3000Si is perfectly safe to use with any sensitive electronic equipment, such as televisions, laptops, phone chargers and more.

Weighing only 32kg and fitted with a handle as standard, the HY3000Si is a lightweight and portable unit which can be easily stored in a small space. The compact design of the HY3000Si is a staple of the series and a large reason why Hyundai inverter generators are so popular in the leisure market.

The 2.8kW is produced by a Hyundai HX149 5.2hp recoil start petrol engine and the 4.5 litre fuel tank can provide a running time of up to 8 hours before requiring a refuel. The HY3000Si also features an “ECO” mode which can control the revs to match only the required power output, which in the process lowers the sound produced, increases fuel efficiency and can even help the overall lifespan of the unit improve.

During normal use the HY3000Si will produce a noise level of 58dBA at 7 metres, making it an extremely quiet and suitable for use in areas that have sound pollution rules, such as campsites.

As with other Hyundai inverter generators, the HY3000Si is able to be converted to run on LPG if desired, an option which is increasingly popular in the camping and caravan markets.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Engine Model HX149 (XG-157F)
Engine Type OHV - Single cylinder - 4 stroke
Engine Size (cc) 149
Oil Capacity (ml) 450
Noise Level (dB) 86
Rated Speed (rpm) 5000
Rated Power (kW) 2.6
Maximum Power (kW) 2.8
Start Method Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 4.5
Run Time @ Rated Load (Hr) 5.5
Voltage (VAC) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Alternator Voltage Regulation Solid state regulator
Casing Plastic
Box Dimensions H x W x L (mm) 575 x 330 x 507
Dry Weight - kg 28.5
Gross Weight (kg) 32.0000

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