With Winter Approaching, Yet More Reports that the UK is Facing an Energy Crisis

As Coal Plants Shut Down, United Kingdom Faces a Power Crunch

This week, National Geographic have been discussing the effect closures to power plants in the UK will have on the critical energy industry. To meet tough European environmental standards, the UK government is closing down a number of coal and oil fired power stations that do not meet the new guidelines, whilst lack of investment in replacement infastructure has resulted in a drop of capacity.

With the closure program already being implemented, the shortfall left by not having viable alternatives in place mean that energy prices could be set to soar once more in the short-term. However, the bigger implications here all lead to signs that the UK is facing blackouts, as we have been reporting for a few weeks now.

In the last few weeks, we've also seen energy take centre in Westminster, most prominently in Brighton at the Labour party conference, where party leader Ed Milliband promised a freeze on energy prices. With a planned 20 month price freeze should his party gain power at the next election, the energy companies responded by indicating that this will increase the likelihood of blackouts.

With power failures looking more and more likely as yet more warnings about blackouts appear, now is the time to be thinking about pushing backup generators like never before. With winter approaching, this time of year is when we see a rise in the activity of diesel generators for backup, which is typical. power outages and grid failures are commonplace in the UK in the winter months as seasonal weather take hold of the country.

However, planning for the future now has never seemed so relevant or so prominent.

The Solution

Hyundai manufacture a range of diesel generators , which can be permanently on standby to cope with power cuts.  Coupled with an Automatic Switch they will sense when the national grid has failed, detach your supply from the mains, start the generator and transfer the power to your consumer unit or electrical panel.


The range starts with the DHY6000SE/SELR (the SELR being a long run version with a thirty litre fuel tank). These feature an electric start for ease of use and can be specified with a remote start which operates much like your key fob for your cars' central locking.

This would enable you to plug an extension lead into the generator, providing electricity in its simplest form. However for peace of mind we would recommend the Automatic Transfer Switch which will automatically start and stop your generator.

This setup would power essential circuits such as heating, lighting and fridge freezers, keeping you warm and fed.

Above this model, Hyundai also market the popular 1500rpm water cooled diesel generators, although larger these are quieter and more fuel efficient as they have slower running engines and can be specified to keep all circuits running in the event of power failure.

These units are also available in three phase models, perfect for business and large properties where higher level of demand is required.

For more information please call the sales team at Hyundai Power equipment on 01646 663848, or email info@hyundaipowerequipment.co.uk.

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