A Review of the Hyundai HYM40P Petrol Powered Push Rotary Lawn Mower

Hyundai HYM40P Petrol Powered Push Lawn Mower

A review by Martin Hoggan, Sales Member:

OK, so 35 Years in the industry and these days, rarely does a lawn mower surprise or impress me that much, especially a hand propelled one. My opinion of small machines is that build quality and general feel is poor and little, but important points are usually overlooked or just left out due to cost.

I decided to take an HYM40P home last weekend and ‘surprised’ just doesn’t even describe how pleased I was with this delightful machine.

Ball bearing races in all the wheels turned freely and without any discernable play, rigid handles and an easy 1st pull starting engine that was smooth and quiet.

The engine didn’t struggle with my grass and to be honest I should have altered the height of cut for my long grass, but couldn’t be bothered, it just carried on cutting and collecting. It was very easy to push and being quite light hardly marked the grass, and by the time I had put the mower away the wheel lines had all but disappeared, very pleasing.

Usually I hate machines that don’t have single lever height adjusters but rather than embarking on a cheap and nasty effort that just irritates the user and then breaks, the 3 height position, adjustable by removing and replacing the axles, I think would be a one off job on set-up, because the machine is equipped with a well-chosen powerful engine that coped certainly in my case with longish grass with ease negating the need to adjust the height of cut.

The grass catcher when removed was packed with grass, yet another plus point for this great little machine, this would be due to the well-designed smooth polypropylene deck with a good sized aperture for the grass to exit the machine into the 40 litre bag, a very good size for a 40cm machine.

Having finished mowing, one last job before cracking open a beer and of course admiring my DIY for the weekend is the odious task of clearing up the grass that usually escapes from the underside of the deck all over the paths, well there wasn’t any.. great!!

Yes I was very impressed with this mower, a highly acceptable finish to my lawn that still looks good a week later, light and easy to use, it didn’t feel cheap - my main gripe about other machines in this price bracket, and yes, surprised and impressed with the quality, performance and value, just goes to show one is never too old to be shocked!

To sum up then, well designed and manufactured, more than adequate power from the quiet 4-stroke Hyundai engine, nice light machine will be a big hit with the ladies and a very easy starter too, in fact it is the best machine in its class by a long way.

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