Hyundai HYM51SPE, The Electric Key Start Lawn Mower

HYM51SPE, Electric start Hyundai lawn mower HYM51SPE, Electric start Hyundai lawn mower

A review by Martin Hoggan, Sales Member:

Hyundai’s latest mower in its line-up is the HYM51SPE. It was easy to see how their automotive technology has influenced this machine. Super smooth and quiet OHV engine, electric start 3 speed transmission and Carlos Fandango rear wheels, no turbo however.

Unlike Carlos’s MKII Escort that looked ridiculous the 51 SPE looks and feels very purposeful, being both easy to manoeuvre and push around those awkward bits of my lawn.

A 51cm machine is somewhat on the large size to be honest, but for my lawn however, the machine didn’t feel large or encumbering and the large wheels spread the load, so those annoying wheel lines were never really visible.

The battery compartment straddles the top handles in a purpose built box and this  is also conveniently the home to the starter switch and charge socket, but its position is more important than you might think. There is obviously extra weight on this machine, Battery, starter motor and a larger 196cc engine, most of which is on the lower part of the machine, the battery being place high up on the handles restores the balance making it feel very similar to the HYM51SP recoil start and easy to tilt back on the rear wheels to enable the machine to be turned.

The finish was as good as expected, the catcher filled well except I ran out of grass to cut before it was even half full, and then the most difficult test for the machine to pass, give it to the lady of the house. I gave no instruction at all but in a short while the engine burst into life, the remainder of the lawn was cut, I noticed that “Well haven’t I done well look on her face”. Passed with flying colours, and just one comment “that was nice and easy” high praise indeed!

Next to have a word with my neighbour who has a substantially larger lawn than me, and surprise surprise he had absolutely no objection when I asked if I could cut his lawn. Started the engine, selected speed 2 and off I went, and after a couple of trips up and down on his much larger lawn, I moved to speed 3. The mower cut and collected just as well leaving a good finish and in no time I had completed his lawn, just had to stop to empty the catcher 3 times.

On a large lawn this mower really did come into its own, fast across the lawn, not too many pit stops to empty the catcher, and having the ability to vary the speed meant it was easy to cut the tricky bits around his curved boarders with ease.

To sum up the 51SPE is a true Hyundai - it does what it says on the label, and ultimately, it represents fantastic value for money.

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