UK Power Crisis - Protect Yourself Today With a Hyundai Generator

Worried by the recent news reports about the National Grid struggling with capacity and demand in light of recent events? If you weren’t, you should be. We guarantee that by the time you’ve finished this article you’ll see why investing in a Hyundai standby generator will be incredibly important for your home or business over next decade.

Consider this: three years ago the spare capacity of the National Grid was at 15%. In 2013 that dropped to a shocking 5% and this year it’s expected to go even lower, possibly down to 4% according to the BBC.

Littlebrook oil plant in Kent is scheduled to shut down in March 2015, Ironbridge in Shropshire will be shut completely next year and this is following the closure of coal plants lately such as Didcot A in Oxford (Didcot B also suffered a fire last week which brought its capacity down to 50%), Kingsnorth in Kent, sections of Ferrybridge in Yorkshire and Cockenzie in East Lothian.

Older, less profitable plants such as Roosecote, Teesside and Keady are in a “mothball” status and can take months to restart, meaning the worst of the winter conditions will be long gone by the time they hit full capacity if they are needed.

New nuclear power plants, such as Hinkley Point C, aren’t scheduled to be completed and operational until 2023. Several older nuclear power plants have been shut down or put in to a “mothball” condition following the detection of defects.

Although you might think that the same old warnings are issued every year it’s now becoming clear that the worst case scenarios are becoming a reality. This Met Office report about the storms from December 2013 – January 2014 highlights that hundreds of thousands of people were left without power last winter, many of them on Christmas day. Imagine what similar conditions could do this year with the National Grid’s infrastructure already reaching breaking point. In fact, many believe that over the next decade the National Grid will only continue to struggle more and more with increased demand, which means that figure could climb in to the millions when storms hit, or demand increases due to an extended cold spell.

The other risk to the UK’s electricity generating capacity is our reliance on imported LNG. The sources for this fuel are maybe not the most dependable, especially with the present troubles in the Middle East.

Hyundai Standby Generators A Hyundai Standby Generator will ensure that you always have power even when the National Grid fails.

The question then has to be do you feel confident putting your family home or business in the hands of the National Grid? A week without power in your home could mean a miserable Christmas and for a business it could create a financial crisis.

It’s not too late to protect your home or business over the coming months if you invest in a Hyundai standby generator.

Hyundai standby generators are designed to help in every situation. Whether you need to keep the family home or small business powered or require heavy-duty industrial power, our range of standby generators can keep the lights on when the rest of your town is feeling the misery of relying on the National Grid.

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To summarise:

  • Reduced generating Capacity in the UK
  • Increased electrical demand
  • Greater dependence on imported gas
  • Global Warming – Greater chance of colder spells to reduce our gas reserves
  • Global Warming – greater chance of extreme storms to bring down power cables
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