Hyundai DHY11KSEm Diesel Generator

The Hyundai water cooled, 4 cylinder engine is  an electric start (remote start function available).  The generator comes ATS prepared, so can easily be connected to an automatic transfer switch if required.

A 77L fuel tank allows the generator to run for 35 hours (at 50% load). Running slowly, at just 1500rpm, means that engine noise levels are at a minimum whilst product life is extended compared to higher rpm diesel generators.

Hyundai DHY11KSEm

Brushless AVR alternators deliver a smooth power output, suitable for both sensitive electrical equipment as well as more general white goods. The generator is suitable for domestic and small business use.

The digital control panel gives instant visibility for oil level & pressure, water temperature, battery charge levels and low running on engine. There is an emergency stop function for immediate disable.

Service or maintenance activity is easily accessed via the large doors of the weather-proof canopy

  • Maximum output 11kw/13.75kva
  • Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz Battery (Ah) 1 x 12V-54Ah
  • Noise Level @ 7m and 50% load (dB) 67 dB
  • Oil Capacity (L) 10
  • Dimensions (cm): 190 (L) x 90 (W) x 110 (H)
  • Net Weight (Kg) 710 Kg

Six Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Generator

1. Routine inspections, covering the exhaust, fueling system and battery.
2. Check the cooling system, levels and leaks.
3. Check engine oil, condition, level and leaks.
4. Check battery and charging system, a fully charged battery is essential for good starting.
5. Check condition of fuel, fresh is best.
6. Do not leave idle for long periods – run the machine with a load and at regular intervals.