Introducing The 2016 Hyundai Inverter Generators

The ever popular Hyundai petrol inverter generator range is being refreshed for 2016, just in time for spring caravan and camping holidays. The HY1000Si and HY2000Si now feature a more compact case, a smaller inverter board and an LED display screen.

Petrol Inverter Generator

The new housing makes an already compact range even easier to transport on your travels, and also reduces the weight significantly. The HY2000Si is now 7kg lighter, weighing just 20kg.

This smaller form factor is made possible thanks to a smaller inverter board that Hyundai have produced, which doesn't compromise the quality of the output. The HY1000Si produces up to 1kW, and the HY2000Si has a maximum output of 2kW.

This allows you to keep all the modern luxuries, such as televisions, heaters, hairdryers, air compressors, radios and more powered as you're away from a source of mains power.

Hyundai Inverter Generator

The new LED screen makes monitoring the performance of your inverter generator easier than ever by displaying a number of statistics:

  • Voltage output (V)
  • Frequency output (Hz)
  • Total runtime (Hours)
  • Engine speed (RPM)

As inverter generators, or leisure generators as they're commonly known, are built to be as user friendly and convenient as possible, this screen provides you with the vital information at a glance.

Hyundai LED Screen

As with all Hyundai inverter generators, the new HY1000Si/HY2000Si can be converted to run off LPG as well as petrol, making them dual fuel machines. This is ideal for caravan users who will already have a source of LPG with them.

The new models also retain the stand-out features customers have come to expect from the Hyundai range, including the economy switch which lowers the engines revs to match only the load that is being applied, which in turn increases fuel economy and reduces the noise produced.

Hyundai Camping Generator

You can view the full Hyundai inverter generator range, including the new 2016 models, in our inverter generator section.