Hyundai HYMT33 Multi-Tool Helps Father and Son

We saw a huge spike in demand for water pumps, standby generators and chainsaws during November as Storm Abigail and Storm Barney caused a massive amount of flooding, power cuts and fallen trees.

Many satisfied Hyundai customers contacted us with stories of generators keeping them powered for several days on end and water pumps clearing their property of flood water, but none were as detailed as this tale from Mr. Verbruggen in Ireland.

On Tuesday 24th November, the east coast of Ireland suffered some of the worst weather seen in the area in years. As Mr. Verbruggen and his son were travelling home, they were stopped by a collection of fallen trees and branches on the road.

Gardening Multi-Tool

Luckily, nobody had been hurt and since the road lead to a quiet cul-de-sac, the father and son team had time to clear before the morning commuters got in their cars.

The duo had the Hyundai HYMT33 Multi-Tool to hand and set about cutting up the tree and branches. 3 hours later, the road was completely clear and it was only the debris on the side of the road that would give away the fact that a few hours prior the road was blocked.

Petrol Chainsaw

As this picture of Mr. Verbruggen's hand on the tree trunk shows, the fallen debris was of considerable size:

Large Tree Trunk Petrol Chainsaw

The team were incredibly impressed with the performance of the HYMT33 Multi-Tool and they sign off their letter to us with "Well done for producing such a robust and dependable product!"

Gardening Multi-Tool

You can view the full Hyundai garden machinery range here, where you'll find a large selection of chainsaws, leaf blowers and more to help you keep your premises look its best during the next storm.

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