UK Facing "Electricity Crisis" By 2025, Power Shortages To Worsen

A worrying report published last week details how the closure of power plants around Britain “could lead to a 55% gap in electricity supply by 2025.”

By closing all coal-fired power stations by 2025 and ageing nuclear stations ceasing to generate power, in addition to an increase in demand for power, the UK’s power crisis could get a lot worse over the next decade.

UK Power Crisis

The report's author, Dr Jenifer Baxter, said: "The UK is facing an electricity supply crisis. As the UK population rises and with the greater use of electricity use in transport and heating it looks almost certain that electricity demand is going to rise.

"However, with little or no focus on reducing electricity demand, the retirement of the majority of the country's ageing nuclear fleet, recent proposals to phase out coal-fired power by 2025 and the cut in renewable energy subsidies, the UK is on course to produce even less electricity than it does at the moment.

"We cannot rely on CCGTs alone to plug this gap, as we have neither the time, resources nor enough people with the right skills to build sufficient power plants. Electricity imports will put the UK's electricity supply at the mercy of the markets, weather and politics of other countries, making electricity less secure and less affordable.

"Currently there are insufficient incentives for companies to invest in any sort of electricity infrastructure or innovation and worryingly even the Government's own energy calculator does not allow for the scenarios that new energy policy points towards. Under current policy, it is almost impossible for UK electricity demand to be met by 2025."

Diesel Backup Generator

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