Winter Vehicle Safety From HYUNDAI

Winter can be a truly magical time of year. The air is clear, the nights are longer and the days are cold and crisp.  

Unfortunately the season does come with its hazards. Winter weather can have a serious effect on our vehicle health, leaving us exposed to the harsher conditions winter brings with it . As temperatures plummet across the UK its not only our wardrobe that needs to change , it's important we give our vehicles the necessary attention in preparation for the winter season.

The temperature drop and let's be honest sometimes heavy rain and high winds can also put our vehicles to the test. We need to ensure we do everything we can to be prepared for any eventuality.

The harsh cold weather conditions can lead to disruption in our daily routine. We’ve all come out of our front door to find our Windscreen frozen, or have struggled to get the car started during these months. Commuters across the UK begin to panic and rush, this can be avoidable if we have some key essential items and carry out winter vehicle maintenance.


Ice Scraper/De Icer
A Torch
Warm Clothes
High Visibility Jacket
Boots With A Good Grip
First Aid Kit
Food & Drink
2 X Reflective Warning Signs

Most vehicle breakdown companies across the UK suggest there is a sharp spike in breakdown and callouts during the winter months . Unfortunately for all of us no one can 100% assure us we will not breakdown, but we can take certain measures to do everything we can to avoid this.

A regular service is the most cost effective approach to keeping your vehicle in good running order. Keeping on top of your servicing can ensure when the winter months approach you have done everything you can to help prevent any issues the adverse weather conditions can bring.

YOUR CAR BATTERY: Driving this time of year can put more strain on your car battery . The colder wetter conditions naturally mean we will be using our heaters, wipers and lights for longer periods of time. 

If you feel your battery maybe something you haven't changed in a while it could be an idea to do this now, replacing a battery near the end of its life in the comfort of your local garage is much easier than at the side of the road. 

It’s also worth contacting your local garages at this time of year , quite often they will be offering free winter checks that can identify any issues for you.

WINTER TYRES: Your vehicle tyres are another key factor. It’s essential to monitor these throughout the year of course but certainly with the freezing weather snow and ice on the road its very important to ensure we are on top of this. 

It’s recommended that your tyre depth is 3mm . The legal depth is a minimum of 1.6. With the changing conditions on UK roads during winter months now is a good time to check this with your local garage.  

LIGHTS: The longer darker evenings naturally mean we will be using our headlights that much more . Ensure all lights are working including headlights, full beam , back lights and brake lights. This should also be an opportunity to check your indicators are working and all are clean giving you and other road users the maximum effect and visibility of your vehicle. 

WINDSCREEN WIPER BLADES: Windscreen wipers are another important factor when running checks in and around your vehicle.  Check for any damage to them as over long periods of time this can reduce the effectiveness of them and lead to poor visibility .

COOLANT: Topping up your coolant with antifreeze is something that’s key this time of year. The mix of coolant to water should be 50/50 . It's really important to do this correctly as too much water can lead to freezing and further damage being caused to the engine . Also this could be the perfect time to check oil levels.


Hyundai Power Products have done it again this year, adding to their already extensive range of power products in the UK market. 

Just in time for the colder months Hyundai Power Products have launched their winter vehicle essential range.  Their battery charger range starting from as little as £29.99 making them the ideal gift this Christmas, something for everyone is covered in this range, a must have for any vehicle owner.


Over the past month I have had the absolute pleasure purchasing Hyundai’s own HYJS-950 and have to say I don’t quite know how I’ve managed without it . 

Currently on offer at just a little over £100 and available directly from I have been very impressed with what the product has to offer. 

Not only a 12v jump starter, battery charger and air compressor to name just a few, the HYJS-950 also offers many other helpful functions. 

The unit is a power source for all 12 dc devices that are equipped with 12v accessory plug. Ideal for in car phone chargers, car vacuum cleaners, work lamps and so much more .

It’s a fantastic compact unit, all cables, compressor parts and jump starter components are easily accessed and stored away after use making it the complete no fuss accessory for any vehicle 

Equipped with the LED flashlight, USB power output  and the air compressor really makes this stand out from the crowd in my opinion. Being able to carry basic essential car maintenance such as tyre pressures and adopting the other fantastic uses such as the car phone charger, the vacuum really make it a great all rounder for me . . A real 10/10 product from Hyundai for me.


Helpful Easy To Follow User Manual
Inflation Adapter
Cable Clamps

From doing my research prior to purchase it’s evident that the market is flooded with competitors. Especially on eBay and Amazon . Yes it’s true there are definitely cheaper options out there  but for me the Hyundai Brand is one of the most recognisable brands across the world.

They also have full technical after sales support as well as parts just the other end of the telephone , with most items available on a next day service . This helped put my mind at ease and my item was with me within 24 hours. You can’t really ask for more.


The HYBC-20

Priced at £79.95 is a 230v battery boost charger. Designed for charging all types of 12v and 24v lead acid batteries .

It comes with a built in intelligent micro processor making charging much faster safer and very efficient.

The boost feature for the 12v lead acid battery means that within 5 minutes the battery will be charged and you will be able to start your vehicle.

Both lightweight and compact and built with the highest quality of components the HYBC-20 really is built to last . It also automatically detects 12v or 24v batteries and will display the exact voltage when the voltage button is pressed . 

Really user friendly and adaptable for all round usage make this a fantastic addition to the Hyundai Power Product Range.


Priced at £29.99 Hyundai also bring to the market a fantastic selection of smart chargers . The introductory model in the range is the HYSC-4000M. Ideal for charging and maintaining both car and motorcycle batteries. 

The HYSC-4000M features a built in intelligent microprocessor making charging faster, easier and safer.

Designed for charging all types of 6v lead acid and 12v lead acid batteries. It is suitable for charging battery capacities from 1.2 to 130 amp-hours and maintaining all battery sizes.

The smart charger also boasts some fantastic safety features including spark proof, protection for reverse polarity, short circuit, overhead and overcharge.  it’s also brilliantly designed , compact and lightweight for easy transportation and storage . Another fantastic model in the Hyundai range.


The final model I want to look at today in the Hyundai Range is a really premium product from the brand .  The HYEJ-300K 4 in 1 unit really sets itself above others in the market. 

The roadside emergency kit includes an electric hydraulic jack with tyre inflator compressor pump, electric impact wrench, sockets, gloves, battery clamp and reflective storage case . It really is a premium model in its category .

Priced at £160  this unit will be a must for any vehicle owner.  The 4 in 1 function of this product makes it the perfect all rounder .


HYEJ-300K Electric Hydraulic Jack
LED & Pump Inflator
Electric impact Wrench
Plastic Tool Box
12v DC Power cable
Safety Hammer
2 Socket Adapters
Battery Clamp Connecting Cable
Nozzles (narrow cone, wide cone and needle)
Emergency Wrench

I’ve been really impressed with this extensive range of car battery boosters and chargers from Hyundai. They really do have something for everyone, a must for any vehicle owner, especially with the winter months just around the corner. 

The build quality, how lightweight and compact each unit has really stood out for me while researching the range. Really competitively priced and a global recognised brand name we can all trust. I really see these products making a huge name for themselves in the UK market .

The team over at Hyundai Power Equipment are also offering these fantastic units in their Black Friday deals page, so now is a fantastic time to take advantage of these great deals.