Lighten the load with Hyundai

Save time and work smarter with the HYMD250 4x4 Mini Dumper

Hyundai HYMD250 Mini Dumper makes light work of big clearance jobs


Does your outdoor space look like a construction site?

Do you have a building project requiring you to move heavy loads?

If so, the HYMD250 medium duty mini dumper with 4x4 drive system from Hyundai could help lighten the load.



Powerful and versatile

Suitable for a wide range of loading and transporting applications including construction, worksites, agricultural, landscaping, garden and allotment use, the Hyundai mini dumper can accommodate all kinds of loads on most terrain.

The Hyundai HYMD250 power barrow features manual gear operation with 4 forward and one reverse gear making it easy to move around when turning or working on slopes.

Ergonomic design combined with speed and high productivity, the HYMD250 can allow a multitude of applications. The chain driven 4 wheel drive offers considerable advantage over friction driven designs used on similar machines. The skid steer system allows you to spin on the spot with no need for lifting or dragging.

The strong steel front skip has a large 250kg capacity, great for all types of different materials and perfectly balanced when working with a full load.

Its compact size allows it to fit through a standard doorway when working indoors is required. Powered by a Hyundai 196cc 5hp petrol engine, the HYMD250 has enough power to carry the heaviest and most awkward of materials, even at an incline of 20 degrees.

Easy to transport the HYMD250 features 4 large pneumatic off road tyres, with central wheel engaging 4 wheel drive when loading on rough terrain this mini dumper also features a bottom protection plate to avoid damage by stones. With rapid one person operation, simply push the mini dumper into place, apply the parking disc brake for total operator security, fill the barrow and transport your load.

With a Hyundai 3 year warranty and optional extras also available, including a snow plough attachment, extension sides, flat bed, ball hitch and double wheels this really is a versatile, all-weather machine ready for almost all the work you can throw at it!


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