8 Christmas Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts to Suit Every Budget

Christmas is nearly here, and you might be starting to think about ticking some last-minute things off your Christmas 2020 gift-buying list. A common vein that runs through nearly all families is the fact that whilst some family members are almost too easy to buy for, others are near impossible.

You might know an avid DIY-er but, if you don’t have the expertise yourself, may feel the pressure when it comes to picking something that a) they’ll like and b) they’ll use.

That’s where we step in! We’ve compiled a Christmas gift guide with all sorts of DIY gifts and home improvement gifts to suit nearly all budgets and a variety of situations. Read on to see our gift ideas and picks for this festive season from our impressive Hyundai range.


Budget - £99.99

Perfect for those relatives who have just bought or rented their first home and are looking to get their gardens ship-shape for the spring, the Hyundai HYM3200E Corded Electric Lawn Mower and Hyundai HYTR250E Corded Grass Trimmer bundle is a relatively budget-friendly yet practical gift that you know will be well-received and also well-used. 

Hyundai HYM3200E Corded Electric Lawn Mower and Hyundai HYTR250E Corded Grass TrimmerIdeal for small or medium-sized lawns, this ultra-lightweight yet powerful and robust mower and grass trimmer are simple to assemble and use. Your giftee will be able to take complete care of their lawn with this handy bundle, using the lawn mower to do the majority of their grass and then use the strimmer to do the harder to reach aspects, such as at path edges, around trees and flowerbeds or around fences.

With easily foldable handles, the mower is compact to store and the long-reach power cable of both the lawn mower and the grass trimmer will reduce the need for the giftees to have to seek out extension cables every time they need to mow the lawn. 

On top of this, the mower has an easy to remove 25L grass collector bag will minimise the time that users have to spend emptying the cuttings. The grass trimmer is lightweight, at just 1.7kg, and offers a good power to weight ratio. 

There's no fuel or oil to worry about with this grass care bundle. plus you're able to cut the grass at the push of a button - it really is that simple to use. 

Currently available for just £99.99.

Splurge - £799.99

Is there anything more daunting knowing you have to spend hours in the garden on your day off mowing the lawn before you can sit down and enjoy the rare British sun with your family and friends? You want to be sitting with your feet up in your favourite creaky, old sun lounger, not having to sweat it out over a chore that’ll only have to be done again in a few weeks. 

HYRM1000 Robo MowerIf you’re looking to really treat a friend or family member, why not get them a Robo Mower?

Our time-saving Hyundai HYRM1000 Robot Lawn Mower with smart mowing functionality will keep your giftee’s garden looking tidy with zero effort on their part. 

With this impressive new technology, you won’t even have to worry about the mower running out of battery and stopping somewhere hard to reach; with its rechargeable Lithium-Ion technology, the mower will automatically return itself to the charging station when the battery is low. It is even intuitive to our classic British weather and will also return itself to the station if it senses rain.

What about emptying the clippings when the mower gets full? This mower will require absolutely no human intervention as it is self-mulching, so will drop the fine grass clippings back into the lawn which will act as a natural fertiliser to keep your lawn healthier and greener.

Currently available for just £799.99. 


Budget - £73.99

If you know someone looking to transform their garden and do some landscaping in the New Year, why not make their life that little bit easier by treating them to the right tool for the job? 

HYC1600E ChainsawOur Hyundai HYC1600E Electric Chainsaw has a powerful 1600W motor which is perfect for homeowners and DIY beginners looking for a medium-duty chainsaw for day-to-day tasks around the home.

Compact yet high-quality, the Hyundai HYC1600E is simple to use and quick and easy to assemble out of the box.

Chainsaw newbies can also be rest assured as it has an electric/mechanical chain brake which is activated in the event of a kick-back by pushing the brake handle forward, stopping the chainsaw in approximately 0.15 seconds. 

The chainsaw's toughened steel spiked bumper also improves stability for controlled cutting so absolutely no previous experience is necessary.

Currently available for just £73.99.

Splurge - £136.49

If you’re clubbing together as a group to buy a really nice, extravagant but practical gift for a friend or family member, or considering splurging on a gift for a parent or partner, the Hyundai HYC60Li Battery Operated Chainsaw might be something good to consider.

HYC60Li ChainsawOffering over 100 cuts from a single charge, this chainsaw requires very little maintenance and, in comparison to petrol or diesel chainsaws, you don’t have to be limited by cable length, don’t have to deal with any petrol mixes whilst also being safe in the knowledge that the chainsaw is pollution-free.

On top of this, the HYC60Li is very quiet, eliminating any disturbance to family and neighbours.

This chainsaw is perfect for the more experienced, avid gardener as not only can it cut back shrubbery and prune trees, it is also built to cut through logs. The speed of the chain also makes even the harshest of tasks a breeze. With a short 90 minute charging time, even when your battery runs out, you can be back to the task in hand ASAP.

The HYC60Li is also a fantastic addition for fans of Hyundai’s 60V range as one battery size fits them all, so your giftee will be able to interchange the battery for a cost effective collection of garden tools.

Currently available for just £136.49.


Budget - £35.99

If you’re gifting for the gardening enthusiast on a budget, it’s definitely worth considering the Hyundai HYTR250E Grass Trimmer

HYTR250E Grass TrimmerPerfect for awkward-to-mow long grass or weed-heavy areas, this strimmer will provide neat, fast and efficient grass trimming.

Its compact and lightweight design make it a breeze around the garden and it won't take up too much space in the shed, while the additional handle to the front makes the HYTR250E grass trimmer really easy to manoeuvre.

The HYTR250E is equipped with a generous 10m electric power cord for ultimate flexibility, and also means your giftee won’t have to hunt for an extension lead every time they want to use their grass trimmer.

The lightweight and ergonomic design makes this strimmer ideal for beginners and the seasoned gardener alike.

Currently available for £35.99.

Splurge - £199.99

If you’re in the market for an all-singing, all-dancing, all-everything gift for Christmas then look no further than the Hyundai HYMT5200X Multi-Tool. You really get the bang for your buck with five tools in one – a hedge trimmer, chainsaw, brush cutter, grass trimmer and long reach extension shaft.

HYMT5200X Multi-ToolThe HYMT5200X’s powerful and reliable 52cc 2-stroke engine will make light work of even the toughest jobs. Due to the clever design, this multi-tool is comfortable to use and the included shoulder harness provides additional support and weight distribution.

This multi-tool will make easy work of any logs on the ground or fallen branches and will give your giftee the option to tackle any overhead branches with the telescopic extension shaft.

With 12 different adjustable positions, the hedge trimmer attachment can tackle any and all pruning tasks with control and precision.

With the trimmer attachment, cut through tough weeds, brambles, dense scrub and overgrown grass with ease. The quick-release extension shaft, providing 80cm of extra reach, is a convenient addition to the multi-tool.

Save on storage space whilst enjoying the same impressive power and versatility as several equivalent dedicated garden tools.

Currently available for £199.99.


Budget - £35.69

A perfect gift for a loved one who is known to have their car break-down a bit too regularly, the Hyundai HYSC-4000M Car Battery Charger will prevent them from ever getting stuck again.

HYSC-4000M Battery ChargerCreated for use for cars, motorbikes and even motorhomes, this charger is strong, compact and easy to store.

The built-in intelligent microprocessor makes charging faster and easier than ever before.

With its safe battery charging, this battery charger is spark proof, and has protection for reverse polarity, short circuit, overcharge, overheat and overcurrent.

It is suitable for charging battery capacities from 1.2 to 130 amp-hours and maintaining all battery sizes.

Currently available for £35.69.

Splurge - £125.99

Ideal for petrol-heads, technology lovers and even that friend or relative that you know has a long and remote commute, the Hyundai HYJS-950 Jump Starter has a whole host of gadgets for your giftee to explore.

HYJS-950 Jump StarterFeaturing a professional grade jump start function (for vehicles up to 2.5ltr petrol and 2.0ltr diesel) with jump leads, they’ll get their flat battery going again in record time. Not only this, but you’ll be giving the gift of a knight in shining armour for other people when your giftee can swoop in with a helping hand when others break down.

The HYJS-950 also has the capability to inflate tyres with its 150 PSI air compressor, perfect for an emergency or just general tyre maintenance.

On top of that, this unit is a power source for all 12DC devices that are equipped with a 12V plug, for use with in-car phone chargers, car vacuum cleaners, work lamps and much more.

Currently available for £125.99.

We hope we’ve inspired you with some of our Christmas picks for 2020 and made your Christmas shopping that little bit easier. Or, alternatively, you might’ve picked up some ideas of what you’d like for Christmas yourself!

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