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  • Product Focus: Hyundai HY3400 Hire Pro Open Frame Generator

    This week we'd like to focus on one of the products we're bringing to the Executive Hire Show, the Hyundai HY3400 Hire Pro Open Frame Generator. This is one of our best selling open frame petrol generators as it is robust and ideal for work that requires a consistent source of power.

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  • Technical Tips for Hyundai Pressure Washers

    We always like to give our readers the best advice on Hyundai Power Equipment products. We not only want our customers to pick the right machine that suits their requirements, but to also have the knowledge of how to properly look after and maintain those machines so they continue to perform at their very best.

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  • Product Focus: Hyundai HY2000SEi Inverter Generator

    The weather might be wet and miserable now but camping season is just around the corner. If you're thinking about getting away with family or friends soon then have you considered getting a Hyundai inverter generator?

    Inverter generators are the perfect product for keeping your equipment powered up when you're away from the grid. They're also quiet, economical and easy to transport, meaning it will never cause you hassle on your holiday.

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  • Hyundai DHY11KSEm Diesel Generator

    The Hyundai water cooled, 4 cylinder engine is  an electric start (remote start function available).  The generator comes ATS prepared, so can easily be connected to an automatic transfer switch if required.

    A 77L fuel tank allows the generator to run for 35 hours (at 50% load). Running slowly, at just 1500rpm, means that engine noise levels are at a minimum whilst product life is extended compared to higher rpm diesel generators.

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  • Product Focus: Hyundai HYC5620 Chainsaw

    The Hyundai HYC5620 is a simple yet effective chainsaw which is eager to earn its place in the gardener’s armoury on merit, irrespective of its highly attractive and competitive purchase price. It's so simple to use that even a novice could get impressive results out of it.

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