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  • Product Focus: Hyundai HY50 2" Petrol Water Pump

    This time of year is a very popular period for water pumps so this week we'd like to put the focus on one of our most popular petrol water pumps, the Hyundai HY50.

    The Hyundai HY50 is capable of pumping 600 litres per minute or a staggering 36,000 litres in an hour. This high performance means that it is the ideal petrol water pump for construction sites, farms and other industrial and professional applications. The HY50 is a fresh water pump, however, and not suitable for use with chemicals or sea water as these could potential cause damage to the unit. Continue reading

  • Remote Control a 1500rpm Hyundai Generator!

    We are now able to offer consumers the ability to remotely monitor and control their generator from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

    This can also be combined with automatic alerts via SMS or email for any alarms or events, such as a low fuel level.

    Continue reading

  • Product Focus: Hyundai DHY6000SELR 5.2kW 'Silent' Long Run Diesel Generator

    With the National Grid struggling from increased demand and insufficient infrastructure, power cuts are becoming more common and that’s before you factor in the elements; high winds, heavy rain and dense snow routinely leave millions of people around the UK without power every single year. The good news is that...
  • Product Focus: Hyundai HYC4618 Petrol Chainsaw

    The HYC4618 is one of the most popular products in the garden machinery range. Powered by a 2.4hp two-stroke engine and equipped with an 18in (46cm) Oregon bar and chain, the HYC4618 is a brilliant multi-purpose chainsaw that's perfect for domestic and semi-professional use. The powerful performance is paired...
  • Product Focus: Hyundai HYBV26 Leaf Blower / Shredder / Vacuum

    Following the extended summer we are now seeing the leaves starting to fall and cover paths, driveways, gardens and patios. Now is the perfect time to invest in a Hyundai leaf blower to save time spent cleaning your property! The HYBV26 isn't just a leaf blower, however, as it also...

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