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  • Hyundai Power Equipment Supports CO Awareness Week

    Hyundai Power Equipment is proud to be supporting Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week (November 17th – 21st November) which has been organised by CO Awareness.

    Carbon monoxide poisoning hospitalises hundreds every year and dozens of deaths are also attributed to it. So far this year, according to CO Awareness, 47 people have died as a result of CO poisoning and 722 have been hospitalised. Continue reading

  • Product Focus: Hyundai HY50 2" Petrol Water Pump

    This time of year is a very popular period for water pumps so this week we'd like to put the focus on one of our most popular petrol water pumps, the Hyundai HY50.

    The Hyundai HY50 is capable of pumping 600 litres per minute or a staggering 36,000 litres in an hour. This high performance means that it is the ideal petrol water pump for construction sites, farms and other industrial and professional applications. The HY50 is a fresh water pump, however, and not suitable for use with chemicals or sea water as these could potential cause damage to the unit. Continue reading

  • Remote Control a 1500rpm Hyundai Generator!

    We are now able to offer consumers the ability to remotely monitor and control their generator from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

    This can also be combined with automatic alerts via SMS or email for any alarms or events, such as a low fuel level.

    Continue reading

  • UK Power Crisis - Protect Yourself Today With a Hyundai Generator

    Worried by the recent news reports about the National Grid struggling with capacity and demand in light of recent events? If you weren’t, you should be. We guarantee that by the time you’ve finished this article you’ll see why investing in a Hyundai standby generator will be incredibly important for your home or business over next decade.

    Consider this: three years ago the spare capacity of the National Grid was at 15%. In 2013 that dropped to a shocking 5% and this year it’s expected to go even lower, possibly down to 4% according to the BBC. Continue reading

  • Product Focus: Hyundai HYB60 Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower

    Now that we're in autumn and winter is just around the corner it's the perfect time to start thinking about investing in a petrol leaf blower. The Hyundai HYB60 Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower is powered by a 3.3hp two-stroke engine and is capable of handling jobs ranging from domestic cleaning to semi-professional use. If you're in the market for a petrol leaf blower then you simply can't go wrong with the HYB60. Continue reading

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