About Hyundai Power Products

Hyundai Power Products is the trading name of Genpower Ltd. Genpower is the sole UK Importer for Hyundai Power Products, offering petrol generators from 1kw to 10kw and diesel generators from 5kw to 100kw. We also import Hyundai petrol water pumps, air compressors and garden machinery. A year after starting the business in 2006, we were approached and awarded the contract to become the sole importer for Hyundai Power Products for the United Kingdom by Hyundai Corporation, Korea, based on our knowledge and machinery sales, as well as engineering, support and maintenance expertise.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality product at a very competitive price, delivered promptly to your door. All repair work which is under guarantee is undertaken in-house and we keep a huge stock of spare parts for all Hyundai machines.

As a company, we set ourselves the highest standards possible and our business practices come solely from the notion that we treat others as we would expect to be treated ourselves; with respect, courtesy and in an ethical way. The following points show exactly how we run our business and how we carry ourselves in the as a company.

Behaviour we expect

Standard of conduct:

We conduct ourselves and our business operations with honesty, integrity and with our customers’ interests at heart. With respect to lawful practice, we grow our business relationships with longevity and consideration of their beliefs and our common goals.

Outside Community and Social Involvement:

We acknowledge that our success is built on the foundations of where we come from and we remain aware of our surroundings, and our obligations towards these communities.

Working Environment:

We are committed to providing a working environment that we ourselves would be happy to work in. We want to provide an atmosphere where ideas, relationships and positivity can breed and where potential and development can be realised.

Company Policy:

We will strive to promote and to always protect the interests of the company and its policies. We co-operate on all levels of law, work with all levels of governing organisations and bodies, and comply with trading standards associations and work hard to keep our company working in the right way.


We will communicate openly with shareholders and customers within the strictures of business whilst conforming to individual rights, preferences and confidentiality.

Customers and business associates:

We are totally committed to providing a high quality product and service from start to finish, whilst meeting all applicable safety and quality standards. We value our customers, our business associates and by extension our own business and brand. By safeguarding those who buy from us, we ensure our own future is in our hands.

Behaviour we do not condone

Standard of conduct:

We do not operate under policies which see people being treated with abuse, dishonesty or being discriminated against. We do not condone nor tolerate this behaviour in any format.

Outside Community and Social Involvement:

Any activity, either by ourselves or our sub-contractors which fail to consider the impact of the surrounding areas will be immediately addressed.

Working Environment:

Unsafe working areas, a lack of health and safety, discrimination and a disregard of the rules of the workplace will not be tolerated.

Company Policy:
We do not look to influence nor profit from sources which are seen to be unlawful or unethical.


Unsolicited, preferential or libellous communications are never allowed.

Customers and business associates:

We do not tolerate indifference or a lacklustre approach towards our customers, our products or our ideals.

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