Silent Portable Power

Buy quality portable power banks, jump starters & car battery chargers online from Hyundai Power Products.  Camping power packs and solar chargers supplying pure sinewave AC power for all you sensitive equipment when you're off grid. A great silent, eco-friendly alternative to a traditional generator.

Our latest Hyundai rechargeable portable power stations can easily power lights, laptops, tablets, phones & usb gadgets and more whilst you are on the move or on holiday. With a complete range of sockets including 12v DC, USB, 3 Pin Mains, we've got everything covered for your trip. Car won't start? You can even use these as battery chargers and jump starters to get you out of trouble. Don't need holiday power? Take a look at our standalone car battery chargers and jump starters for your automotive needs.

Shop for portable power banks, car battery chargers, jump starters & solar power chargers with the official UK Hyundai distributor.