1,500rpm Diesel Generator Warranty

1500rpm Diesel Generator Warranty Terms

"2 YEAR WARRANTY for all 1500rpm Diesel Generators, subject to service records and maximum 500h/year

The Evopower and Hyundai range of 1500rpm diesel generators are distributed by Genpower Ltd, Isaac Way, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, SA72 4RW, United Kingdom. The following terms apply to generator sets registered and used in UK based applications. Please note throughout this warranty, any terms policies or procedures applicable to units that are in the Highlands, Islands or extended regions of the UK may incur costs/surcharges regardless of the breakdown or fault. For example, there could be charges incurred towards engineer callouts, charges for return/collection carriage or charges for delivery of parts regardless of the fault being diagnosed as a genuine defect or warranty issue. If you are unsure if your region falls into an extended area and is applicable to charges please contact us before purchase. To receive a copy of our overseas warranty terms and conditions, please contact us.

The limited warranty duration is summarised as;

Standby Applications (Hyundai and Evopower UKC ECO 1500rpm generators) [up to 24 months]: All Evopower and Hyundai 1500rpm diesel generators are covered by a 12 month, 1,000 hour parts and labour warranty as standard.

This can be extended to 24 months, for standby use, maximum 500 hours per year. The 2nd year warranty is a parts only warranty. To activate the second year warranty, a fully completed service record sheet must be received by Genpower Ltd within 1 month of the start of the 2nd year along with the proof of service and hours.

Alternator Warranty [36 months]: The Genpower and Hyundai Alternators are covered by a 3 Year warranty (excluding AVR’s). The warranty only covers genuine defects and not wearable parts, serviceable parts or any failure or damage caused by incorrect usage such as phase imbalance, corrosion due to dust, sea, moisture or improper storage or rapid and consistent overloading, underloading or any other use we deem as unfit. In order for a warranty claim to be successful on an alternator fault, we must be provided with a copy of the control panel configuration/parameters confirming they are still in factory settings which match our pre-dispatch test results and a history showing these have not been changed or amended since the unit has left us. Please contact us for further clarification on the alternator cover if required. This 3 year limited warranty is only applicable to Genpower alternators fitted to the Evopower Cummins UKC ECO range, or the Hyundai alternators used on the Hyundai 1500rpm units distributed by us. For any other brand of alternator, please refer to their manufacturers warranty guide.

Prime Applications (Evopower UKC ECO Cummins powered generators only), [up to 2,000 hours]: For prime power applications of the Evopower Cummins powered UKC ECO range, the warranty is 12 Months or 2,000 Hours. Providing the service intervals have been met and required maintenance has been completed. This work must be completed by an approved service provider, and within 14 days of a service being carried out, the buyer or the approved service contractor must send Genpower proof of the service works. The service records must be sent to [email protected] showing a picture of the hours clock, and proof of service works completed such as a copy invoice showing the purchase of approved, genuine parts (eg. Fleetguard filters) and the work which was carried out.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this document.

1. Warranty Start Date:
All warranty periods begin on the date of dispatch from Genpower Ltd. Warranties cannot be transferred.

2. Procedure:
In the event of a fault or breakdown, you must contact Genpower Ltd with details of the breakdown or fault that has occurred. This can be by telephone, email or by completing the repair form on evopower.co.uk or hyundaipowerequipment.co.uk. If you are unable to complete the online forms and require a hard copy please contact us.

Genpower, at its discretion, may request photographic evidence of the fault, the return of any faulty parts for assessment or in extreme circumstances the return of a unit if required to diagnose if the fault is warrantable - however in most cases, a description and photographic evidence of the fault will be sufficient for us to decide if it is a warrantable fault.

If the fault is deemed as a warranty failure, and we are unable to resolve the issue with technical advice over the phone, Genpower will arrange for an approved engineer to attend the generator and repair the fault.

Genpower will cover, at its discretion, the expense of the engineers call out fee, travel expenses and we will provide the parts required to the engineer. However, if the generator is located in an extended region of the UK such as Highlands or Islands there will likely be a charge to contribute towards carriage or the engineer call out. This will be discussed before anything is confirmed.

The initial steps of warranty claim procedure and related timescales that we adhere to are noted below;


  • Warranty form completed on the relevant website (hyundaipowerequipment.co.uk or evopower.co.uk) informing us of a fault. We will acknowledge receipt of this submission no later than 2 working days (48 hours, excl. Weekends and holidays).
  • You will then be contacted by an in-house engineer, no later than a further 2 working days, to discuss the fault and for initial troubleshooting or advice (48 hours, excl. Weekends and holidays).
  • Within a further 1 working day, or 24 hours (excl. Weekends and holidays) we will inform you if we believe that the fault is warrantable, or not, and discuss the next steps with you. This could include further troubleshooting by phone, parts to be sent to you, and a decision on if we believe (at this time) the fault to be covered under warranty. If we deem it essential to arrange an engineer to visit site, we will send the relevant paperwork to you, to acknowledge that should an engineer arrive, and it is proven that the fault is non-warranty you, or the reseller (whoever the sale agreement was between), would be liable to pay the engineers fees. If it is a warranty, we will cover the associated costs as outlined in this warranty.
  • Please note: At this stage, if we believe the fault is non-warranty, you are entitled to arrange your own generator engineer to attend and perform the repair.
    • Please note that these timescales do not constitute a breach of agreement in any way should timescales over run under whatever circumstances, but in all cases we strive to achieve these steps quicker than the SLA’s noted.

3. Warranty Request Form:
The warranty request form must be completed and returned to Genpower Ltd. There is an easy-to-use online form available for completion on evopower.co.uk and hyundaipowerequipment.co.uk. If you are unable to complete this, please contact us for an electronic copy to be sent to you.

The warranty form must be completed in a concise and descriptive manner and detail the generators Serial Number, model number, start-up / commissioning report, current hours, name, address of the client and location of the generator (if it differs).

To ensure breakdowns are resolved as quickly as possible, please provide photographs, drawings or sketches of the failure along with the description of the fault or issue in the first instance. The more information supplied to Genpower Ltd will speed up the approval/clarification/refusal decision.

Once the decision is made, if the warranty repair is accepted, Genpower Ltd will arrange for an approved team to visit the location of the generator to repair. If the fault is deemed as non-warranty, a price for the relevant parts and works can be obtained and purchased.

Please note, in some instances a fault may not be diagnosed as non-warrantable until an engineer has attended site and assessed the generator. Prior to any engineer visit, you are required to accept an agreement which confirms you understand relevant charges or costs of the engineer's visit may be passed on to you should the fault be highlighted as non-warrantable once the engineer arrives. In these circumstances you are not under any obligation to have the work completed by our engineer and are welcome to seek advice from alternate approved repairers, however the initial costs of travel, time and consequential costs that may have been incurred by Genpower could be passed on to you. It is essential that you provide as much information as possible in advance so we can be sure prior to instructing our engineer to visit the site whether it is a warrantable repair or not.

4. Warranty Coverage and Limitations:

a) The Warranty Covers:
Genpower undertakes to remedy any operating fault resulting from manufacturing defects.

Genpower’s obligation does not apply in the case of a fault resulting from any post purchase modifications or parts supplied by the buyer. Any warranty is also excluded for incidents due to unforeseeable circumstances or cases of force majeure (act of God) as well as for any replacements or repairs, which may result from normal wear and tear.

Genpower provides the warranty on our products directly or through their approved agent/distributor depending upon the manner in which the fault has been highlighted to us.

 b) Warranty Limitations (Not exhaustive):

  1. Genpower Ltd cover manufacturing defects/failures only. Serviceable/wear and tear items are excluded. This includes, but is not limited to: gaskets, filters, cables, clips, hoses, seals, light bulbs, preheater plugs, indicator and resistant coils, filter elements, lubricants, oils, coolant, belts, batteries...etc
  2. All warranties only apply providing the generator has been serviced and maintained as per manufacturers instructions. Proof of the servicing record will be required in order for any warranty claims to be accepted.
  3. The warranty does not apply in the case of a fault resulting from materials supplied by the Buyer or from a design imposed by the latter.
  4. Damage, malfunctions or failures resulting from accidents, abuse, misuse, modifications, alteration, improper servicing, or lack of servicing, as set out in user manual.
  5. Installation of replacement parts.
  6. Non-genuine parts or the use thereof.
  7. Any engines damaged by use of ether or any starting aid, or greater than a 50/50% solution of antifreeze and water.
  8. Injector nozzle wear or any engine damage caused by injector nozzle wear or sticking.
  9. Injector pump wear or any engine damage caused by injector pump wear.
  10. Damage caused by water or contaminated oil, fuel or air, entering the machine due to any cause.
  11. Damage caused by adverse weather conditions, such as extreme hot or cold temperatures, water ingress or salt corrosion in marine environments etc.
  12. Used machines or components.
  13. Any damage caused by overheating that is not a direct result of a defect in materials or workmanship.
  14. Damage caused to any component due to underloading (wet stacking) of the diesel engine or generator.
  15. Normal wear and tear.
  16. Damage caused by running the machine above its rated output for extended periods.
  17. Certain areas of the UK, such as Highlands and Islands may incur a surcharge for the engineer's travelling time or collection/delivery charge, to be absorbed by the dealership or passed onto the user.

5. Buyers Obligations:
In order to be covered by the warranty, the buyer must complete the following;


  1. Send a start-up notice and commissioning report to Genpower as soon as it has been completed.
  2. Ensure that the fuel, lubricants and coolant and /or water used for its preparation are of good quality, clean and comply with the engine manufacturer’s specifications.
  3. Keep up-to-date maintenance records, in which you enter the date, content and results of tests, visual inspections, routine maintenance work and maintenance work together with any comments and findings concerning any operating anomalies. All servicing records must be sent to Genpower as the unit is serviced in order for warranties to be extended. This should be in the form of a photograph of the hours, and proof of servicing such as a copy invoice.
  4. The buyer must advise Genpower, immediately, of the faults, which they attribute to the material, and supply any proof as regards the existence of the faults. They must give Genpower every facility to see the faults and to remedy them. They must furthermore, refrain, unless they have Genpower’s express agreement, from doing the repair himself or herself or having it done by a third party.
  5. Installing, operating and maintaining the generator set in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Ensuring initial start-up is performed by an authorised representative of the company or it's dealers. In exceptional circumstances, said start-up will be waived but only if a Pre-Delivery Inspection has been completed.
  7. Making the equipment available for repair as soon as the defect has become apparent.
  8. If the machine is required to be collected by Genpower for any reason, the user will be responsible for safely loading the machine onto the vehicle provided by Genpower at the pre-agreed date and location.
  9. Accepting the Company’s sole judgement as to whether the faulty part is defective in material or workmanship.
  10. Labour costs, including costs to disconnect the product from and reconnect the product to it’s attached equipment, mountings and support systems.

6. Limitation of Liability:
This is the only warranty on our products.

We neither assume nor authorise anyone to assume for us any other warranty. The Distributor/ Dealer has no authority to make any representation or promise on behalf of Genpower Ltd or to modify the terms or limitations of this warranty in any way.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, and of any other obligations or liability on our part. Implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are excluded. Our responsibility for any and all losses and damages resulting from any cause whatsoever, including our negligence, alleged damage or defective goods, whether such defects are discoverable or latent, shall be limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts as stated above. In no event will we be liable for loss of use, loss of profits, loss of or damage to other property, inconvenience, commercial loss, or other special, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever.