Wood Chippers

Our range of heavy-duty Hyundai wood chippers include petrol-powered and corded electric-powered models.

Our petrol wood chippers are powered by robust Hyundai engines for chipping larger pieces of wood and, due to being cable-free, this means you can use them anywhere in your garden or estate without being limited by cord length.

Our electric wood chippers have powerful, tried and tested Hyundai motors. With our electric chippers, you won’t have to worry about topping up any oil or fuel - you can easily just plug them in and get started in your garden.

Some of our wood chipping models also have a built-in collection box which keeps all your wood chippings in one place and allows you to dispose of them easily. Chipping your wood will allow you to fit much more of it into your waste or compost bin. You can also use chippings in your garden to reduce weeds in your flowerpots or beds and hold moisture in the soil.

As with all of our Hyundai Garden Machinery range, our wood chippers come with a 3 year platinum warranty for your peace of mind. Shop for electric and petrol wood chippers with the official UK Hyundai distributor. Browse our entire garden machinery range online today.

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