Pressure Washers

Buy quality pressure washers online from Hyundai Power Products. Hyundai offer a fantastic range of reliable petrol, diesel and electric jet washers to help you find the perfect cleaning solution for all your outdoor cleaning needs.

Whether you're looking to clean your car, patio, house or driveway, Hyundai Power Washers are available for both domestic and commercial use depending on your cleaning needs.

Our powerful pressure washers have a variety of flow rates, from high pressure jet washers to a lower flow, to be able to tackle a variety of the toughest cleaning jobs.

We even offer a range of Hot Pressure Washers that are able to cut through stubborn grease, oil and thick grime at an industrial level, and produce a sparkling finish.

Shop for petrol, diesel and electric pressure washers with the official UK Hyundai distributor.

Pressure Washers FAQ's