Hot Water Pressure Washers

If you’re looking for a pressure washer that is able to cut through stubborn grease, oil and thick grime, our range of Hyundai Hot Pressure Washers are the product for you!

Why choose a hot water pressure washer?

If you’re cleaning oily or greasy surfaces, engines, automotive parts, lorries or tractors, you’ll need hot water.

Think of greasy or oily pans in your sink - where cold water will only push the grease around and leave a residue, hot water is able to melt the grease and grime and produce a sparkling finish.

In the same vein, anything that a cold water pressure washer can do, a hot pressure washer can do even quicker, saving you time and also providing a deep clean where it is needed, which is especially good for farm machinery such as tractors, or even for creating an incredibly shiny and clean lorry fleet.

The built-in detergent tanks makes these hot water pressure washers even easier to create the clean finish you want. They also have adjustable detergent delivery to fine-tune your desired clean, whether you’re cleaning a factory or doing a lorry wash.

Our hot water jet wash range also comes with a 1 year Hyundai warranty for your peace of mind.

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