Hot Water Pressure Washers

Transform your outside with our hot water pressure washers from Hyundai Power Products. If you’re looking for a pressure washer that is able to cut through stubborn grease, oil and thick grime, our range of Hyundai Hot Pressure Washers are the product for you!

Hot water pressure washers are perfect for cleaning oily or greasy surfaces. it will save you lots of time whilst providing a deep cleam where it is needed.

This is especially good for farm machinery, or even for creating a shiny and clean lorry fleet. The built-in detergent tanks makes these hot water pressure washers even easier to create the clean finish you want. They also have adjustable detergent delivery to fine-tune your desired clean, whether you’re cleaning a factory or doing a lorry wash.

The design includes sturdy wheels for a fully portable pressure washer.

Our hot water jet wash range also comes with a 1 year Hyundai warranty for your peace of mind. Shop for powerful hot water diesel jet washers with the official UK Hyundai distributor. You can also explore our diesel pressure washers, electric pressure washers and petrol pressure washers.

Hot Pressure Washers FAQ's