Portable Jump Starters & Car Battery Chargers

Buy quality jump starters, car battery chargers and solar chargers online from Hyundai Power Products. Don't get caught out when you're on the road.

Hyundai Jump Starters will get you moving when you hear the dreaded click of a flat battery. Our glovebox jump starters are compact and powerful, ideal for charging your battery and getting you moving whether it's a car, van or motorhome battery. Portable lithium-ion jump starters are a great back-up power solution, meaning you can rely on Hyundai to get your vehicle started.

Take a look at our  6v, 12v and 24v car battery chargers, there is a good selection including smart and boost chargers. These intelligent chargers are suitable for most requirements.  If it's not your car battery but your phone or laptop that is dead, then our foldable solar charger can be taken out the boot to revive your phone or laptop (up to 18v dc).

Shop for smart car battery chargers, solar chargers & jump starters with the official UK Hyundai distributor.

Portable Jump Starters & Car Battery Chargers - FAQs