7 Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Spring

7 Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Spring

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We’re starting to see the sun peek through the clouds, spring is officially on its way and we have a bunch of great deals on offer here at Hyundai Power Products - the year ahead is looking bright! 

Now that we’re coming to the tail end of the winter season (not too different to the summer season except the rain is a bit colder and a bit more horizontal), it’s time to start planning what we’re going to do with our outdoor spaces during the year ahead.

Now that we can begin to consider moving back to some sort of normality, it’s looking like we might soon be able to entertain people in our gardens once again during the spring and summer months – so let’s make the most of it! 

At Hyundai Power Products, we have thought long and hard to narrow down our top 7 tips for preparing your garden for the spring season ahead – so here they are! 

1. Have a general tidy-up 

Perhaps the most obvious tip of the 7 is to make time to assess how your garden is currently looking and have a tidy up. Take this winter time to clear your flower beds and borders of any dead leaves, weeds, dead plants and other unwanted debris, clearing it back to bare soil. 

Put your leaves and plants you’ve collected into your compost bin to mulch down except, of course, for weeds; make sure you either burn these or dispose of them in a way that means the roots won’t take hold elsewhere. 

Our Hyundai grass trimmers are ideal for tidying up your flower beds or paving edges – click here to see our full range

2. Clean your greenhouse

Spring is the ideal time to give your greenhouse a thorough clean! Keeping your greenhouse glass sparkling clean will allow as much light as possible in, warming your greenhouse and meaning you will have healthier and happier plants and also potentially spend less money on heating it – win-win!

Get your pressure washer handy and give the glass a blast with a mix of water and disinfectant or detergent to really clear it of grime, algae and any unwanted pests that might have made the nooks and crannies of your greenhouse their home. Ensure you ventilate your greenhouse well for a couple of days so it can dry out fully. 

Why not treat yourself to a new pressure washer? Not only good for cleaning greenhouses, you can shine up your paving, give your car a much-needed post-winter clean and even remove weeds from between pavers! Click here to see our full range

3. Plan your summer garden 

The ideal task for a day that is too wet and windy to even contemplate going outside, stay inside out of the rain and plan what summer-blooming plants, seeds and bulbs would brighten up your garden when the days are hot and you can be firing up a BBQ admiring your handiwork. 

Whether you’d prefer to order online or pop to your local garden centre (lockdown permitting), planning what plants you’d like is one of the best bits of gardening. You could even research plants or flowers you haven’t heard of and really push the boat out! 

4. Get fixing! 

Winter is the ideal time of year to take on all the tasks you’ve been putting off throughout the year; do you need to repair that broken fence panel? Do you need to repave your garden path? Do you need to re-hinge your garden gate? Now’s the time, my friend. 

You don’t want any of the niggly little jobs you’ve been put off to become a bigger issue in the spring or summer when they cause injury – as you’re limited to the gardening you can do during early spring anyway, tackle these little niggles now while they’re still little niggles. 

Our Hyundai HY2175 Drill Driver, which comes with an 18v battery and 89-piece drill bit set, is compact yet powerful so would be the perfect addition to your toolkit and have your gates and fences repaired quick sharp. 

If your pond or hot tub needs a good clean, or even if you have experienced flooding in parts of your garden thanks to our great British weather, our water pumps have got you covered; our fast water-transferring options include clean water pumps, pumps suitable for chemicals (e.g. hot tubs and pools) or dirty water pumps (suitable for larger pieces of dirt, pebbles, etc) and will clear unwanted water in no time at all. 

5. Trim your hedges back

Whilst your hedges are still looking spindly, keep them neat and pruned and tidy up any shrubs or trees that might be making your garden appear messy or overgrown. 

Make sure you get rid of any dead or diseased branches, which isn’t just good for aesthetic purposes - doing this will encourage healthy plants as well as more vigorous growth of leaves and flowers in the coming months. 

Realised you need a new hedge trimmer? We’ve got you covered! Check out our range of Hyundai Hedge Trimmers here

6. Consider installing a water butt 

Water butts can help you to collect seasonal rainfall to water your plants come summer; this not only helps you to save the environment but can also save you money on your water bill if you’re on the meter. 

Not only do some plants prefer rainwater to tap water but making the most of a conveniently placed water butt will stop you having to run to the tap to top up your watering can or keep dragging out the hose. 

7. Organise your tools 

You don’t want to be getting into the spring months and then realising vital garden equipment has broken or that you’re missing something you’ll really need for the year ahead! Why not take advantage of our deals and get everything sorted now? 

It is vital to get your garden tools in order; work out what you have, what needs replacing and what you’re missing. Make a list of everything you need and hop onto the Hyundai Power Products website to buy a range of products all protected by warranty and with UK-based after sales support and parts to maintain your garden wares for years to come. 

So, what do you think of our seven top tips for preparing your garden for spring? If you’d like more information on our current garden tools ranges, click here. For expert advice or any questions you may have, you can give us a call on 01646 687880, fill out the contact form here or drop us a message on any of our social media pages - FacebookLinkedInInstagram or Twitter.

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