A Garden Fit For A King's Coronation Party!

A Garden Fit For A King's Coronation Party!

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Are you planning to organise a garden party to celebrate the Coronation of Charles III this bank holiday weekend?

A party-ready garden can be the perfect place to entertain friends and family to host your spring gathering. However, getting your garden ready can be challenging. Using the right garden tools will make your work much easier and transform your outdoor space into a green paradise. Let our Hyundai experts provide you with top-tips on how to choose the best gardening tools, how to use them effectively and safely, and how to undertake day-to-day gardening jobs, such as weeding, pruning, mowing, and fertilising.


Weeding your garden is essential as unwanted weeds invade your garden and compete with your plants for water, light, and nutrients. You can weed manually using a hoe, mechanically using a tiller, or chemically using herbicide. It is important to keep on top of the job; otherwise, you might get overwhelmed, especially in spring and summer when growth is faster.

Use a Hyundai Tiller to remove unwanted growth and weeds

Hyundai 1500W 450mm Electric Garden Tiller, Cultivator, Rotovator and Rototiller | HYT1500E


Pruning is cutting-back dead, diseased or unwanted, light-blocking tree-branches in order to promote growth, encourage flowering, and ensure bountiful fruiting. Depending on the thickness of the branches, you can use secateurs, loppers, or a chainsaw. Hedges should also be pruned, for which you can use either hand shears or a powered hedge trimmer (conventional or long-reach). Deadheading flowering plants, such as roses, is also important.

Top Tool for pruning and cutting shrubs and small trees >>

Hyundai 52cc Long Reach Petrol Pole Hedge Trimmer/Pruner | HYPT5200X


Mowing your lawn with the right machine will give it a uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Mowing can be done manually, using a mains-electric, petrol, or cordless battery lawnmower. You should aim to mow once a week during the growing-season, adjusting the cutting-height according to the time of year. For example, during midsummer, it’s best to mow higher to prevent the turf from being overly exposed to the sun and losing vital moisture as a result.

Fertilising your soil provides it with nutrients that will improve both its fertility and its structure. There are a host of machines that will make your gardening-life a whole lot easier!

Lawnmowers come in different cutting-widths and power sources. Choose a mower with a cutting-width that suits the size of your lawn. Power source is another key consideration – if you’ve got nearby neighbours, you might opt for a quiet-running mains-electric or battery mower such as theHyundai 1600w Electric Corded 38cm Cut Lawnmower ; if you’ve got a substantial, neglected area to tame, a larger, higher-performance petrol model will prove a better choice, such as the popular Hyundai 17’’/42cm 139cc Lawnmower, boasting many features including convenience self-propelled drive and easy electric start.

Hedge Maintenance

Powered hedge trimmers are an effort-saving alternative to manual shears. They will give you a far superior finish more quickly and in greater comfort. Cordless and mains-electric models are lightweight and hassle-free, while petrol models will take thick, woody growth in their stride. Make sure you get hold of a machine with the right blade length for your particular hedge.


Get your hedges trimmed in time for your garden party!

Clearing Garden Debris

Leaf blowers will make debris clearance jobs far easier than they would be using a hand rake and/or yard broom. Choose between mains-electric, battery and petrol power, with both handheld, backpack and wheeled models available. Two-in-one blower-vacs are perfect for mulching and collecting lawn and garden debris! The Hyundai 3000w 3-in1 Blower-Vac is an excellent value tool that will clear away leaves and debris but also mulch and act as garden vacuum, a great value tool that will come handy throughout the year.

Power Cleaning

Finally, a high-pressure cleaner or ‘jet washer’ will do a thorough job of cleaning your terrace, patio, decking, garden furniture, and ornaments. Choose a model that has good water pressure and a decent flow rate, and that comes with various nozzles and other accessories. Check out Hyundai Electric and Petrol Pressure Washers.

Now that you have an idea of the best gardening tools and how to use them effectively and safely, your garden can be transformed into a green paradise. You can get your garden party-ready in time for the Coronation of Charles III. Celebrate the British monarchy!

From the Hyundai Power Product team, we hope you enjoy you garden and the extra Bank Holiday!


We hope you’ve found these tips helpful and remember: if you need any further advice, our team of experts is on-hand to help you, so just get in touch! If you have any questions please visit For expert advice or any questions you may have, you can give us a call on 01646 687880, fill out the contact form here or drop us a message on any of our social media pages - Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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