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Best Cordless Lawn Mower for Small Gardens: Hyundai HY2193 Review

The best cordless lawn mower for a small garden | HY2193 Hyundai Power Products

Which cordless lawn mower is best for a small garden? A Hyundai HY2193 Product review

When it comes to maintaining a small garden, cordless lawn mowers offer convenience, ease of use, and freedom of movement. Among the top choices for small gardens is the new Hyundai HY2193. This 20V 12.6-inch Cordless Lawn Mower has the best-in-class features, including a compact design and high manoeuvrability. In this Hyundai Power Products review, we look at what you should consider when choosing a cordless lawn mower for a small garden and why the new HY2193 lawn mower is the ideal small-lawn companion.

Why choose a cordless lawn mower for a small garden?

✅ Maintaining a well-groomed small lawn is essential for enhancing the beauty of your home. Going cordless offers great benefits for smaller lawns. That's where the Hyundai 12.6"/32cm Cordless 20V MAX 4Ah Li-Ion Battery Hand Push Lawnmower (HY2193) comes to the rescue. Designed specifically with small gardens in mind, this cordless mower offers a range of benefits that make lawn maintenance a breeze.

Say goodbye to tangled cables and messy fuel with the cable-free, petrol-free HY2193. This cordless lawn mower runs on a powerful 20V 4Ah lithium-ion battery, providing a clean and green mowing experience. Without the need for petrol or electric cables, you can enjoy the freedom to move around your small garden without any limitations. Moreover, the absence of exhaust emissions contributes to a healthier environment.

What size is considered a small garden for mowing?

✅ A lawn is considered small below 1500 and up to 2,000 sq feet in size — or about half the space of a tennis court — is considered a small garden. 

How to choose the ideal mower cutting width for a small lawn?

✅ For a small garden it’s recommended you choose a mower with a cutting width from 12 up to 16 inches ( 40cm) cutting width. Smaller lawns may feature obstacles or unusual shapes, making highly maneuverable mowers best suited for the job. Some of the smallest rotary mowers come in widths as little as 12 inches, like the HY2193, and are exceptionally light and maneuverable. For lawns up to 2000 sq feet in size — or about half the space of a tennis court — you can choose a mower with up to 16 inches (40cm) worth of cutting width. The HY2193 is perfectly suited for small lawns with a cutting width if 32cm / 12.6''. Its compact design allows you to navigate tight spaces and easily maneuver around obstacles effortlessly, ensuring a precise and uniform cut every time.

Why is lawn mower weight important for a small garden?

✅ Choosing a lightweight mower makes mowing and using your machine easier. The Hyundai HY2193 is the best lightweight lawn mower in its class, ideal for senior gardeners who may struggle to push heavier models around or simply for ease of moving and storing your lawnmower. Weighing just 8.28kg, this cordless, 4Ah battery-powered mower is really easy to push around your garden minimising any strain on your arms or shoulders.

Choose a lightweight lawnmower for small gardens, like the 8.28ks Hyundai HY2193

Choose a lightweight lawnmower for small gardens, like the 8.28ks Hyundai HY2193

What to consider when choosing lawn mower cutting heights for your small garden?

✅ Choosing adjustable cutting heights is important to achieve the perfect lawn finish. Achieving the desired lawn height is made simple with the HY2193's five adjustable cutting heights, ranging from 28mm to 68mm. Whether you prefer a smooth, manicured lawn or need to tackle rougher terrain, this mower offers versatility and customization to suit your specific requirements.

Which grass collection box and mulch options to consider for a small garden lawn?

✅ When selecting a grass collection box size for a small garden, there are a few factors to consider. The ideal size will depend on the specific dimensions of your garden, the amount of grass you typically need to collect, and your personal preferences. However, as a general guideline, a grass collection box with a capacity of around 25 to 40 liters should be suitable for a small garden. You may also want to consider a mulching function to bring back nutrients into your lawn.

What grass box and muclh options to consider for small garden lawnmower?

A 30L grass collection box is perfect for small garden.

Efficient Grass Collection: The HY2193 is equipped with a 30L grass collector bag featuring a high airflow and hard lid. This design minimises the frequency of emptying cuttings, reducing overall mowing time. The bag's ample capacity for a small garden allows you to cover the area without interruptions, ensuring a seamless mowing experience. The HY2193 also comes with a mulching function that allows grass clippings to be discharged when the rear flap is open. This can be used to disperse nutrient-rich grass clippings back into threw ground for a healthier lawn.

Best cordless lawn mowers for your small garden - What battery options to consider?

✅With a small garden, mowing the lawn can be achieved fairly quickly. With a battery operated lawn mower, you simply need to charge and you’re ready to start mowing. When buying a cordless lawn mower you should consider how long it will take to charge the battery and how long the battery will last whilst mowing.

With a charging time of just 100 minutes, the HY2193's 20V 4Ah battery can be quickly replenished, minimising downtime and ensuring you're ready to mow whenever needed. The battery's lifespan of over 500 charging cycles guarantees long-term usage and exceptional performance. A battery run time of 20-30mins, like the HY2193 (depending the cutting conditions) should be plenty to mow a small lawn.

Added Benefits

Battery Compatibility Across Hyundai 20V Max Garden Machinery: The HY2193's 4Ah battery is compatible with numerous other Hyundai 20V Max garden machinery and power tools, making it a versatile addition to your garden equipment collection. This interchangeable battery system provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to utilize the same battery for different tasks.

Choose a user-friendly lawn mower for a small garden

✅ Consider the user-friendliness and ease of operation. For instance the HY2193 prioritises user convenience. Starting the mower is as simple as pressing a button and pulling the start handle, eliminating the hassle associated with recoil pull-start mechanisms. 

✅ Consider noise and maintenance: Thanks to its brushless motor, the HY2193 operates quietly compared to traditional petrol mowers, creating a more peaceful mowing experience. The brushless motor also offers maintenance-free performance, reducing the need for servicing and saving you valuable time.

Discover the HY2193 for your small garden today!

The Hyundai 12.6"/32cm Cordless 20V MAX 4Ah Li-Ion Battery Hand Push Lawnmower (HY2193) offers a host of benefits for small gardens. Its cordless operation, adjustable cutting heights, efficient grass collection, lightweight design, quick charging, and low-maintenance brushless motor make it the ultimate tool for hassle-free lawn care. Say goodbye to the noise, pollution, and limitations of traditional mowers and embrace the convenience, eco-friendliness, and ease of use that the HY2193 provides. Invest in this reliable and efficient lawn mower, and enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn all year round. With Hyundai's 3-year warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lawn mower is built to last.

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