Footy fans, rejoice! The World Cup is almost here…

Footy fans, rejoice! The World Cup is almost here…

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After much waiting, the World Cup is nearly here! If you’re anything like us, you’ll be eyeing up that perfectly green and clean pitch and wondering how you can achieve the same perfection back home! Read on to find out how we can help you get there.

Pitch-perfect lawns are born out of hard work and elbow grease… or maybe just a little help from a scarifier! By removing thatch, weeds and dead moss, and allowing the soil to receive air and nutrients - even the most tired of lawns can be revived! We have both petrol and electric scarifiers to choose from, so no matter the size of your lawn, we can help it on its way to perfection!

So, you’ve achieved the lawn of your dreams, but what about emulating that clean, weed-free stadium car park at home? Forget the back-breaking job of hand-weeding and indulge yourself in the luxury of a wheeled power weeder. Yards, driveways, paths and car parks can be cleaned and cleared effortlessly thanks to the 9 rugged brushes and huge 70cm coverage.

It may be a balmy 30+ degrees in Qatar, but we all know how chilly our UK football stadiums can get. Beat the cold with an easy-to-use space heater. They offer a cost-effective way to distribute heat quickly and evenly, and are ideal to use in garages, warehouses, farms and workshops. They’re portable too!

As you’re watching the game, have you ever stopped to wonder how they inflate all those footballs? Well, we know how we’d do it - with a Hyundai air compressor! Especially since you can currently get our heavy-duty HY70100P model with a huge 20% off RRP!

On the go? Don’t miss the game! The lightweight, quiet and portable HPS-300 power station is a must for those who want to keep their gadgets powered up. Keep it around the house in case of power cuts, or take it camping and caravaning to ensure your phones, laptops and tablets stay charged up - you’ll never miss a game again!

Calling all DIY addicts! So, you may have put your tools down to watch the game, but why not pick up some new ones whilst they’re on sale? We have a wide range of 20V battery-powered tools that are now on sale! From circular saws and jigsaws, to angle grinders and drill drivers, why not take a look and see how much you could save on your next DIY project?

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