​Get Your Car in Showroom Condition With a Wet and Dry Vacuum and Pressure Washer From Hyundai

​Get Your Car in Showroom Condition With a Wet and Dry Vacuum and Pressure Washer From Hyundai

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Get your car in showroom condition with Hyundai Wet and Dry Vacuums and Petrol Pressure Washers - the Professional Car Valeter’s choice

What kit you will need:

Hyundai Power Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners and Petrol Pressure Washers

Here at Hyundai Power Products we have a great range of pressure washers and wet & dry vacuum cleaners from Hyundai and our P1 Power Equipment range all powered by powerful Hyundai engines. There's a model to suit everyone from the car enthusiast right the way through to the forecourt manager and professional car valeter.

Our petrol pressure washers are a firm favourite with professional car valeters, car showroom forecourt managers, fleet managers, used car dealers, car hire and van hire companies as well as many large motorhome and caravan dealers. Our pressure washers range from 2800psi to a whopping 4000psi, ensuring you have the power to tackle even the largest vehicles.

Team a Hyundai Pressure Washer with one of our heavy duty wet and dry vacuums and you have a strong basis for your professional valet business or home car valeting equipment. Ranging from 1200w to 3000w a Hyundai wet and dry vacuum cleaner has all the oomph you need to meet your home or professional valet equipment needs.

Car Valeting with Hyundai Jet Washers and Wet and Dry Vacs

Everyone has their own preferred routine for getting their car gleaming. This is our favourite ‘how to to valet a car’ advice, but you may choose to work in a different order. However you work, first check all your car valeting equipment and settings carefully to avoid any damage to your vehicle.

At Hyundai Power Products we prefer to valet our cars from the inside out. This ensures that you don’t transfer any moisture from the outside in when you wash the exterior. Start by opening the doors and use your cloths and detergent clean the door pillars, door seals and frames and all around the door itself, especially underneath as muck can cause streaking when you work on the outside.

Remember to only rinse your cloth in the dirty water bucket! Once you’re happy, dry around with a towel.

Valeting a Car Interior


Start by cleaning the insides of the windows. They may need another wipe when you finish, but this way most of the hard work is done at the beginning. Start by cleaning around the edges to ensure that your window cloth doesn’t pick up dust as you clean the glass. Use a suitable glass cleaner and work from the bottom up, then finish from the top down.

Foot Pedals

Ensure your grubby mats are still beneath the pedals. Use water and your chosen detergent (sparingly) to clean off the foot pedals. Dry with a cloth and remove the mats.

Car Mats

Remove mats. If rubber or other washable material, set your pressure washer to low and clean both sides. Leave on a wall or line to dry. If not, use your Hyundai wet and dry vacuum to lift out all the stubborn grit and grime. Remember, if you need to wash your mats you can still use your wet and dry car valeting vac after washing the mats.

Vacuum the Parcel Shelf, Boot, Seats, Floor

Now that the mats are out of the way you have good access to the floor area. Here’s where Hyundai Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners comes into their own.

Start with the boot. Depending on your vehicle, vacuum the upper boot lid first. Take care to avoid any catches and other obstacles. Work down and finally vacuum the boot floor. Again, even if you need to shampoo the boot liner, you can still use your wet and dry vac afterwards.

Next use your Hyundai vacuum cleaner to vacuum up any dust gathered on the parcel shelf. Move the front seats as far forward as possible and vac the entire rear area. Start with the upholstery, then the side panels / doors, the carpet and under the front seats.

Once done, move the seats as far back as possible and repeat as for the back. Use a multi-purpose cleaner (test a small area first) for hard surfaces. A toothbrush or similar will help clean the air vents

Use a foam cleaner with a damp cloth for stubborn stains on upholstery. If you have leather upholstery use a leather cleaner and wipe down with a microfibre cloth. For cloth seats use a foam shampoo following the manufacturer’s instructions and vac again once dry.

Valeting a car exterior

There are many products and attachments for your Hyundai Pressure Washer to get your car sparkling, but a good clean always starts with a jet wash.

Use your Hyundai pressure washer on a safe setting to remove all loose dirt and debris. Use a stiff brush to get into those awkward places around the wheels and a soft brush for the grille and other detailing.

A snow foam lance or a good quality detergent and wax will take care of any more stubborn dirt and a quick rinse off with your Hyundai Pressure washer before a towel dry and polish will ensure you don’t leave any streaks or soap marks. Finish with a final wax and polish with a micro fibre cloth for that showroom shine.

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