Go Wild in the Country: Powering Your Camping or Caravan Holiday

Go Wild in the Country: Powering Your Camping or Caravan Holiday

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Now that summer is in full swing, the weather is getting milder and the days are getting longer, it’s time to make the most of the great outdoors.

If your plans involve your caravan, motorhome, or your tent, have you considered how you're going to power the essentials whilst on your UK getaway this year?

Where some enjoy going back to basics whilst off-grid, many enjoy their creature comforts such as a mobile phone to snap a few holiday photos, the kids’ tablets for long car journeys or perhaps a heater for keeping toasty when temperatures dip at night.

We have a few options available to allow you to bring your home comforts with you whilst you’re off on your adventures, including our range of inverter generators and rechargeable power banks.

Compact yet powerful, our range of Hyundai and P1 Power Equipment Inverter Generators will allow you to safely power TVs, lighting, laptops, small air compressors for inflatable beds and, on the larger suitcase generators, electric heaters, hair straighteners, hair dryers, microwaves and kettles.

Our leisure generators for camping and caravanning range from 1000w all the way up to built-in RV generators with a rated power of 7.5kW. The size of generator you’d need completely depends on what you want to run whilst on holiday. For an accurate estimation, check the power rating of your staycation essentials that you’d want to bring with you. If you’d like more advice, our friendly team are on hand to help – simply give us a call or drop us a message.

You also won’t have to worry about disturbing others staying at the caravan park or campsite with you as our suitcase generators are silenced so will never be louder than a normal conversation (at 7m distance).

With our inverter generators, there are just two rules: remember that anything petrol-powered needs to remain outside in a well-ventilated area whilst in use, and that you can’t use inverter generators as a permanent off-grid power solution – they are suitable for leisure and holiday use but not for long-term use as a prime power source. 

If you’re looking for a greener alternative to a petrol inverter generator, why not consider one of our rechargeable power banks? Not only able to power your holiday essentials, you can even bring these with you on day trips for power on the go. You can even use them to charge your electric bike!

As they are battery operated, our lithium-ion charging stations are able to be used indoors wherever they are needed so you won’t have to worry about any ventilation issues.

Complete with USB, DC and AC power outputs, you can even add a solar charger to your power bank for complete, limitless off-grid connectivity, which is ideal for longer holidays or outdoor trips away from mains power.

Available with and without protective cases, these three Hyundai Power Banks are available with maximum powers of 600W, 1000W and 2000W. To give you an idea of what each charging station can power, you can fully charge a smartphone up to 20 times on the smallest power station, up to 40 times on the medium-sized portable power station and up to a massive 80 times on the largest 2000W power station. Click here to view the full range.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to charge your caravan leisure battery ready for a few nights away, please click here to shop our Hyundai Smart Corded Battery Charger.

You can also have peace of mind whilst on your trip as all of our inverter generators, power banks, and battery chargers come with our Hyundai warranty. Regardless of your 2022 adventure plans, you can keep powered up on the go with Hyundai.

We hope you’ve found this blog helpful. Remember - if you need any further advice or information, our friendly team of experts is on-hand to help so just get in touch!

For expert advice or any questions you may have, you can give us a call on 01646 687880, fill out the contact form here or drop us a message on any of our social media pages - FacebookLinkedInInstagram or Twitter.

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