How to Replace the Cord in Your Hyundai Grass Trimmer

How to Replace the Cord in Your Hyundai Grass Trimmer

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After a while of using your Hyundai Grass Trimmer to tidy up your lawn edges, trim around trees and fences, and scythe long grass, you may find that you will eventually run out of the pre-filled strimmer cord. 

‘Oh dear,’ you might think. ‘What am I going to do now?’ 

Don’t worry! Refitting new cord is incredibly easy to do and we’ll talk you through the whole process step-by-step to get you back to trimming your grass as quickly as possible. 

There are several of our tools which all use the same bump head, including the popular HYMT5200X Hyundai Multi-Tool and many of our garden strimmers

Replacing the line on your bump-feed strimmer 

To replace the old nylon line that came with your lawn trimmer, the first step is to find the tool kit which came with your machine and take out the Allen key. If you’ve misplaced your kit then any 4mm Allen key will do just fine.

The next step is to remove the strimmer head completely. Note that it’s much easier to do this on a table or workshop bench rather than kneeling on the grass, which can be quite fiddly! 

Using the Allen key in the key slot, lock the head in place to stop it being able to spin freely. Once you’ve done this, you can rotate the trimmer head clockwise to remove it from the rest of the machine. 

The next thing you need to do is squeeze the two tags on the outside of the bump head to release the top part from the bottom part.

We’re focusing now on the bottom part of the strimmer head with the line attached, so put the top half to one side.

Once you’ve separated these two parts, within the bottom part you need to locate the large spring and a washer. These will need to be gently removed and put to one side. Now you’ve done this, the spool should just pull away from the rest of the casing. 

The next step is to remove the old trimmer line from the spool - there may only be a very small amount left. 

Now for the most important part - fitting the new trimmer line. For this, you’ll need 3m maximum of 2.5mm diameter trimmer cord - any standard strimmer cord will work for this. 

To attach this, hold the two ends of the trimmer cord together in one hand and run your other hand along the cord to find the centre point of the strimmer cord. Make a loop shape with this centre bit of cord. 

Hold the spool in your left hand and insert this loop into the dedicated indented slot within the spool. Rotating the spool away from you with a firm grip on the cord, keep both halves of the cord in their dedicated side of the spool as you rotate. Keep going until you have approximately 4-6 inches of cord left. 

Now it’s time to put your strimmer back together. Holding the two cord ends in one hand, you’ll need to guide the spool’s top bump head back through the dedicated hole in the top part of the strimmer head that you put to one side earlier. 

Next, feed one of your cord ends through the dedicated aluminium guide hole in the top part of the strimmer head, and the other through the opposite side. 

The next step is to replace the washer and then the spring. Line up the aluminium guides with your cord ends coming through with the big slots in the strimmer bump head and click it together. Using the Allen key in the hole to lock the head in place once again, rotate the strimmer head anti-clockwise to fix it back on. 

If you’ve left your cord ends too long, don’t worry - once you turn the grass trimmer on, they will spin and automatically cut themselves to the correct length for your strimmer when they hit the strimmer guard (Don’t worry - this won’t damage the strimmer). 

And there you have it! All done and sorted - you’re ready to get back out into the garden. 

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