Keeping Warm This Winter: Why Invest in a Space Heater?

Keeping Warm This Winter: Why Invest in a Space Heater?

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Summer temperatures are now a fond memory as the cold spell of autumn and winter has begun to set in across the UK, with mist, wind, and rain now a staple of our working week. 

You might be starting to research ways you can heat your warehouse, workshop, farm, garage, or outdoor space over the coming months. 

If so, why not consider one of our Hyundai industrial space heaters? They’re ideal for heating any open or semi-open spaces. 

So, what’s so good about our space heaters? 

They're able to heat large areas 

Helping to keep your workers warm and comfortable regardless of the weather outside, our space heaters are an efficient way to heat large open or semi-open spaces of up to a huge 1500m³. We also have models available to keep smaller spaces warm too. 

They’re cost-effective 

Our forced air heaters, able to run on either red/white diesel or kerosene, can be classed as one of the most cost-effective ways to heat large areas, with an impressive average fuel consumption of as little as 1.9L/hour. 

They're portable 

If you’re struggling to find a solution for heating multiple spaces within your business, our space heaters are fitted with wheels to make them easily portable, so you can wheel them to wherever they’re needed that day. 

They’re easy to use 

With an in-built thermostat allowing you to set the desired temperature, and keeping this temperature maintained throughout the day with no human intervention needed, you can be safe in the knowledge that your workers will be warm and comfortable throughout the day. 

They’re simple to set up 

With very minimal assembly required out of the box, our diesel space heaters are really easy to set up. All you need to do is pick your location (we recommend leaving 4 feet around the sides and top of your space heater to allow it to distribute heat evenly, and keeping it around 8 feet from the outlet), plug it into a regular 230v socket, fill the fuel tank with either diesel or kerosene, pick your desired temperature and you’re good to go! 

They come with a warranty 

For total peace of mind, our Hyundai Space Heaters come with a 2 year warranty, including repairs, spare parts, and labour. 

With a range of heating options out there, it can be a bit of a headache trying to work out the best option for your space, but we hope we have lessened the stress for you! 

If you’d like to find out more information about our brand new Hyundai Space Heaters, click here to see our full range

We have a 20kW/70,000 BTU space heater that warms spaces up to 496m³, a 37kW/125,000 BTU space heater that warms spaces up to 900m³, and our biggest space heater - our 63kW/215,000 BTU option that warms spaces up to 1500m³.

We hope you’ve found this space heater buying guide helpful. Remember - if you need any further advice or information, our friendly team of experts is on-hand to help, so just get in touch! 

For expert advice or any questions you may have, you can give us a call on 01646 687880, fill out the contact form here or drop us a message on any of our social media pages - FacebookLinkedInInstagram or Twitter.

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