Hyundai Professional Auto Darkening Air Fed Welding Helmet | HYWH-850RM

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Orders to be received within 1 - 5 working days. There may be a slight delay in courier tracking becoming available. Postcode exclusions apply.

4 months at 0% interest, Click for more info

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Professional Auto Darkening Air Fed Welding Helmet

The HYWH-850RM is a professional air fed welding helmet from Hyundai, featuring solar auto-dimming with spectral filtering technology, photoelectric sensors and liquid crystal light control technology, the HYWH-850RM offers full head respiratory protection to the welder, the perfect welding solution for welders in the most demanding conditions where filtered air is a must for a safe and comfortable working environment.


Weighing only 1.1kg and supplied within a kit bag for easy storage and transport. The lightweight, compact design enables the user to wear comfortably for long periods of time and the soft fabric ensures a complete seal against hazardous fumes.

Air Supplied Welding Helmet

Air supplied welding helmets use an air powered blower system that is worn by the welder around his waist which collects and filters the ambient air to a very high degree. Providing 99.8% purity the HYWH-850RM delivers fresh clean air to the welders breathing area for up to 8 hours without interruption.

Particle Filter

The HYWH-850RM is equipped with a particle filter that protects the user against particles (solid & liquid aerosols) suited for the most difficulat working conditions. The filter contaminates air and blows it into the welding helmet hood through the flexible tube. The respirator system generates a positive air pressure to help prevent contaminants from entering the hood.

Calibrated Airflow

The electronic control system maintains the calibrated airflow at a pre-set level the battery powered blower units are rechargeable and depending on type normally will cover an eight hour shift. This method of protection for the welder is highly efficient and ensures welders do not breath in and ingest the many harmful particles found in weld fume. Additional protective measures may need to be in place for other workers exposed to the hazards of weld fume.

Solar Auto-Dimming

The solar auto-dimming filter (ADF) applies photoelectric sensor theory which makes liquid crystal change from bright to dark state as soon as it receives arc light, while change from dark to bright state when welding is finished to protect the eyes and facial skin of users from arc light, splash and harmful radiation of IR/UV.

In The Box:

  • Helmet With Darkening Lens
  • Hood & Headgear System
  • Breathing Tube
  • Blower Assembly With Filtration System
  • (Spark Guard Cover, Foam Pre Filter & HEPA Filter)
  • Belt Assembly
  • Battery Charger
  • Kit Bag 
  • User Manual


Covered by 1 Year Hyundai Warranty

Switching Time 1/30000S From Light To Dark
Air Flow Low Speed (RPM): 5.29 Cubic Feet Per Minute (150 LPM)
ADF Self Check YES
Low Volume Alarm YES
Low Amperage TIG Rated >5amps(DC/AC)
Battery Type (Ah) Rechargeable Lithium
Cartridge Size 125x102x10mm
Dark State Variable Shade 5~8/9~13
Dark To Light 0.1-1.0S From Low To High
Standard Air Filter Filter Assembly Consisting Of Foam Prefilter & HEPA Filter. (Approved To Filter Particulate Down To 0.3 Micrometers In Size Filter: TH2P
Grinding Function YES
Storage Humidity
Battery Life 500 Charges - Run Time Dependent On Air Flow Rate & Filter Load
Light State DIN 4
Model Number HYWH-850RM
Operation Temperature -5°C To 55°C
Optical Class 1/1/1/2
Power Fully Automatic
Power Supply Solar Cell +2 Replaceable CR2450 Lithium Battery (Ah)
UV/IR Protection Up To Shade DIN 16 At All Times
Runtime Low Speed (RPM): High Speed (RPM): 6-8hrs
Sensitivity Control Infinitely Adjustable From Low To High
Arc Sensor 4
Size (Blow Assembly) 192x190x101mm
Storage Temperature -10°C To 50°C
System Alarm 85dBA@10CM
Battery Charging Time 3 Hours
Shade Control External
Viewing Area 98x55mm
Shoulder Straps & Battery) 1.1KG

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