Hedge Trimmer Buying Guide - What is the Best Hedge Trimmer?

Hedge Trimmer Buying Guide - What is the Best Hedge Trimmer?

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If you're new to the world of hedge trimmers or if you're still using those rusty hand shears normally found in the back of the shed then choosing the best hedge trimmer for your needs can be an intimidating task.

With multiple brands, petrol, electric and battery operated trimmers, plus varying accessories and sizes, it can be a baffling decision to find the correct model for your application. Here we'll break all the jargon down and give you the helpful tips and information you'll need to show you how to choose a hedge trimmer that’s just perfect for you.

How to choose the best hedge trimmer

Knowing the basics of what to look out for will give you the confidence to make sure you make the correct decision.

Having the best hedge trimmer for your needs in your garden machinery toolkit is vital - it'll save your aching arms and that painful bad back! With our guide you will spend a lot less time trimming and more time out enjoying your garden.

Hedge Trimmer Safety

Hedge trimmers are a great tool but in no way should be treated with respect. It’s important to follow all the safety and operational instructions that all reputable brands provide. If you are purchasing one of these machines for this first time you might want to chat with the manufacturer or the sales team to discuss your application. Again, the best brands will have knowledgeable advisors available to help you purchase with confidence and to ensure that you get the correct machine for your application.

Whether you're trimming an individual shrub in the back garden or carrying out large scale clearance work it’s important to know the do’s and the don'ts when making your hedge trimmer purchase.

Electric Hedge Trimmers

Electric hedge trimmers are an ideal choice for the smaller garden or domestic home user. As a general rule these tend to be very lightweight and very user friendly.

As the name suggests, mains powered hedge trimmers need to be plugged into the mains! You'll need to be mindful of distance between your power source and the hedges in your garden.

You can of course use an extension lead but just be sure you are careful with trailing leads stretching across your garden. Always use a RCD (residual current device) with an electric hedge trimmer to protect yourself against an electric shock.

An electric hedge trimmer tends to be a cheaper option ideal for a small domestic garden or infrequent user, they are lightweight and easy to Manage and also stress free when it comes to thinking about oil or fuel. Be sure your hedge trimmer is CE approved and supplied by a reputable brand - the is a big difference between a cheap hedge trimmer and a good value electric hedge trimmer supplied by a trusted brand.


Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Cordless hedge trimmers give you the freedom to cut hedges any distance from a mains supply in your garden when you compare them to the electric model.

You will also benefit from the fact there will be no lead to contend with allowing you to focus on trimming your hedges without restriction. Clean and green, the latest lithium battery powered hedge trimmers mean you will be doing your bit to reduce emissions. There is very little to go wrong with a battery powered hedge trimmer. In the long run, a little more investment in the latest lithium technology can be the best value hedge trimmer option for a domestic user.

Cordless battery operated garden machinery has come on so much in recent years and more often than not these units are equal to petrol counterparts when it comes to power. Run times and charge times have also seen significant improvement over the last year or so.

As with electric hedge trimmers, cordless trimmers tend to be lightweight. Often they come as part of a wider garden machinery range. Batteries are interchangeable between devices, allowing you change between units depending on the job in hand.


Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Petrol hedge trimmers are the ideal option for those users who have a larger runs of hedging to trim. Low end battery operated machines will have a limit on run time that will restrict you when it comes to a larger, more challenging gardening task .

Many end users will be familiar with using petrol machinery. The best garden machinery manufacturers such as Hyundai Power will often have an extensive selection of petrol products in their range and a wider range of options for the end user to choose from, helping you to find the perfect hedge trimmer for your needs.

Long-Reach Hedge Trimmers

Long reach hedge trimmers are the perfect option for you if you have a tall screening hedge or hard to reach areas. Used properly these hedge trimmers are far safer and cause less strain than working off a ladder. Choose the best long reach hedge trimmer and you'll get the job done more quickly too!

The safest way to cut any hedge is from ground level. A good quality long reach trimmer or garden multi-tool comes equipped with an extendable shaft and a adjustable cutting angle allowing you to make easy work of those high and hard to reach areas.

Long reach hedge trimmers can come in electric, cordless or petrol options so your decision can come down to what and where you need to trim and how long the task is likely to take.


How much should I pay for a hedge trimmer?

Corded electric hedge trimmers tend to be the cheaper option . You can expect to pick one up from as little as £40 but we would say just be mindful of build quality, power and the parts and after sales availability in the UK should you need help in the future.

Expect to pay anywhere between £80 -£200 to get a decent specification electric or battery operated hedge trimmer. Also be careful when it comes to battery operated machinery, some prices will look too good to be true and will often come with an inferior battery or no battery at all!

Petrol hedge trimmers tend to have quite a wide spectrum when it comes to pricing. Anywhere between £80 - £150 will get you a machine for the domestic user. Expect to pay a lot more for a higher spec model from a known brand, sometimes up to £400 or more. For that you will have a reliable unit, good support and after-sales with spares available in the UK.

The same can be said of a long reach hedge trimmer. As with any considered purchase, we would always advise choosing a pole hedge trimmer from a brand you recognise with UK parts and after sales support. It’s also important to consider the warranty and what’s covered. Look for a minimum warranty of two years, ideally three. if you're unsure, speak to the sales team or manufacturer to give you peace of mind at your point of purchase.

Most long reach hedge trimmers will range between £100-£160. If you're looking towards a professional spec you can expect to pay £400 depending on specification and brand quality.

A garden multi-tool with hedge trimmer attachment of a decent specification will normally be priced at £150 - £200 and will also come with pruner and other interchangeable gardening functions. Ideal for an all round gardening tool.


What to look for when buying a hedge trimmer

Blade Length: Largely this is personal preference and pretty self explanatory. The longer the blade length the more you can do with minimal effort. That said, the longer the blade the trickier it will become to manage and can cause strain on your arms and back If working over longer periods of time.

Teeth spacing: The distance between the teeth of your hedge trimmer will have a direct effect on the stems it can cut. Wider teeth are powerful enough to slice through bigger branches, but need a larger motor.

Hand guard: Always make sure you're safe when using a hedge trimmer. Built-in hand guards will stop your fingers from going near the teeth of the machine.

Hyundai Power Products has introduced a strong range of quality hedge trimmers to the UK over recent seasons. There's a solution for all applications at budget friendly prices with the reassurance of UK Sales and Service backed by our expert team.

If you would like any specific information across the range please speak to the sales team at [email protected]

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