Put A Little Spring In Your Step With Hyundai Power Products

Put A Little Spring In Your Step With Hyundai Power Products

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The arrival of springtime can mean different things to different people. On a personal level, it makes me think of lighter evenings (and lots of bike rides after work), the start of the warmer weather coming through and the once grey sky and mist being replaced with bursts of colour. Springtime often brings a fresh mindset, a time of change and a new level of optimism for the season ahead.

With this new level of optimism, many of us will start our spring cleaning and focus on getting our home and gardens clean, tidy and ready for the coming months. Our evening and weekend chore list begins to grow and our thoughts switch to our sheds, garages and dusting off our power equipment ready for the tasks ahead.

From those tough cleaning jobs, to the first cut of the season, to the hedges that need trimming and the garden paths that need clearing with this blog we will make sure you have the power equipment you need to give your property that little spring in its step ready for the warmer lighter evenings.


After what feels like an eternity we are now heading out of winter. Those long winter months have left our property looking a little tired, drab and in need of a little TLC.

When it comes to getting to grips with dirt and grime, tackling those hard to reach areas and outdoor surfaces, the versatility of the pressure washer means any home will have a need for a machine.

From driveways and patios, wooden decking, dirt and grime around the home, cleaning those tough to reach gutters, cleaning cars and trucks, to washing down lawnmowers, outdoor furniture, trailers and boats or even dirt bikes, the versatility of the pressure washer makes it one of the most sought after pieces of power equipment for any type of user.

If you are simply looking at staying on top of those areas around the home then the domestic machine is for you.

Domestic pressure washers are very affordable and are built with the DIY enthusiast in mind. These are not designed for everyday use but are perfect for the homeowner who likes to keep on top of those everyday jobs and keeping the home, vehicle and patio areas sparkling all year round.

Domestic style pressure washers are mostly electric; however, in recent years Hyundai have put their own stamp on the domestic pressure washer market with their HYW3000P2. Choosing between the electric or petrol domestic machines will often come down to personal preference but it is also important to consider how frequently you will use your machine.

Hyundai Power Products also has a range of flat surface cleaners that make quick and easy work of walkways, patios, decking, driveways and other medium to large areas around the home .



There are many types of lawnmower available on the market (from petrol, to corded to electric) all with different features and benefits. This can make it difficult to know which you will need.

An important point to consider is the size of the lawn. As a general rule, a small domestic lawn will mainly be suited to smaller petrol lawnmowers, corded or battery operated lawnmowers.

For the medium sized lawn (tennis court size), we recommend the small to medium sized petrol or battery operated range. As a guide, look for a cutting size of between 43-46cm.

For larger areas we would advise looking at Petrol lawnmowers ideally with a self propelled feature and a large collection area - this will help keep downtime to a minimum and have your lawn looking a cut above the rest in no time. Consider cutting sizes of 46cm - 51cm for this type of area.



Alongside your lawnmower it’s also important to select the most suitable trimmer or brush cutter for your lawn.

The trimmer or brush cutter is a perfect accompaniment to your lawnmower to keep down time to a minimum and to ensure you get the job completed quickly and easily.

Perfect for those hard to reach areas, in and around borders, around ponds or water features, close to fences and trees .

Hyundai offers an extensive range of power equipment suitable for all users and garden types.

Hyundai also offers a suitable heavy duty machine for those larger areas which are often tougher and more difficult to clear.

The Hyundai HYBC5200X, the HYBC5080AV and their Multi-Function 5-in-1 Tool provide the power and extras such a 3 and 8 tooth blade (please check model before purchase) to make quick work of those tough areas. All of these units are petrol machines and come with all the necessary safety equipment such as harness, gloves and visor meaning you have everything you need from the start to get that first cut out of the way for springtime.

All these machines are covered with the Hyundai 3 year platinum warranty.

Hyundai also has their 60v battery powered option the HYTR60Li which is ideal for small to medium gardens.

No Cables, No Petrol, No Pollution - simply charge the battery and you’re ready to go.

Ultra lightweight and durable with extremely quiet running, eliminating any disturbance to family and neighbours.

Also for 2020. Hyundai have launched their corded electric range to the UK market. Very lightweight and cost effective at just £29.99 they are perfect for those small domestic areas helping you get the job done both quickly and effectively.

TOP TIP: Keep an eye out on the Hyundai Power Equipment website for lots of bundle options across this range, currently there are a number of brushcutter and lawnmower bundles that won’t be beaten on price across the site.


Electric handheld leaf blowers like the Hyundai HYBV3000E are designed with the smaller domestic garden in mind. Perhaps not as powerful as some in the petrol market, but the corded market has adapted itself to stand out from the competition.

Perfect for everyday clearing of driveways, patios and gardens they can be adapted to offer the most versatile features of any product on the market. Lightweight, environmentally friendly and versatile – every home across the UK will have a use for a corded leaf blower for 12 months of the year.


Like other areas around the property during those colder winter months, our hedges and hard to reach areas may have been left feeling a little neglected.

With the new season fast approaching Hyundai Power Equipment UK have you covered with both petrol and battery operated options available.

Selecting a hedge trimmer will come down to your personal preference. Some people like the idea a hands on approach a petrol hedge trimmer provides, while others who live in quiet residential areas will benefit from the Hyundai 60v battery operated models, with no cables no pollution and the ability to interchange the battery between other 60v products in the range - it’s easy to see why so many are moving to this cleaner option.

There is another option that Hyundai Power Equipment offers. Their 5-in-1 Multi-Tool supplied with a hedge trimmer, chainsaw, brushcutter, grass trimmer and extension shaft can offer everything you need in just one model.


Often the colder winter months can mean we sometimes put off certain jobs even when it comes to cleaning the car.

We have already mentioned our pressure washer range but what about cleaning the inside of your vehicle or those hard to reach areas.

In 2019, Hyundai Power Equipment brought their own range of wet and dry vacs to the market. Although in the range for this type of application we would recommend looking at the HYVI3014.

The HYVI3014 is a hardworking wet & dry vacuum cleaner from Hyundai Power Equipment, powered by a 1400w by-pass air cooled Hyundai electric motor, this wet and dry vacuum cleaner is capable of the most demanding cleaning jobs.


We hope you have found this guide helpful and you now have everything you need ready for your spring clean. If you do have any questions or would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Sales team at Hyundai Power Equipment. You can contact our team on 01646 687 880 or email [email protected].

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