Hyundai Lawn Scarifier. The Simple Way To Upgrade Your Lawn

Hyundai Lawn Scarifier. The Simple Way To Upgrade Your Lawn

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If past seasons are anything to go by then the recent showers we have seen across the UK will not be going anywhere just yet.

This is fantastic news for the growth of your grass but perhaps means there will be a little more work for you to do when it’s time for that first cut of the season.

If, like many people across the UK, you are stuck for ideas on how you can improve the look of your lawn and give it a new lease of life then hopefully you will find this blog really helpful.

Get that garden you’ve always dreamed of.

Some people will be happy to dust off the lawnmower and just get that first cut of the season out of the way, and that’s great. If you've looked out over your lawn and you feel perhaps it’s looking a little beat up and drab from not getting enough sun, then it could be time to look to a new tool to bring new energy to your garden.

What is a Lawn Scarifier?

A lawn scarifier, sometimes referred to as a dethatcher, is a tool that’s designed to cut through the soil. This helps with clearing of dead moss and garden cuttings. The scarifying of the turf means the soil can then absorb more oxygen and the lawn growth will be accelerated giving your lawn more life and a healthier look .

Mainly available in the (UK) market as petrol powered with a manual push, the cutting action of the tool helps to aerate the soil, making it healthier, weed free and providing a revitalised feel and look to the turf .

There are a number of reasons why scarifying your lawn can be as important as cutting your grass for the overall health and well-being of your lawn.

If over the seasons dead grass clippings and moss continue to be left on the lawn's surface this can have a detrimental effect to the health of your lawn. They can prevent rain water and vital nutrients getting underground where it’s needed the most.

The excess water will sit on top of your lawn and despite you keeping on top of cutting your grass the lawn will remain looking lifeless, drab and soaked leaving the lawn open to excess moisture and eventually moss growing in unwanted areas.

When is the best time to scarify your lawn?

The best time to get started with scarifying your lawn can vary depending on your location and the weather. For the most part, most experts recommend carrying out this work in the springtime. With the season, it’s perfect timing to put some life back into your lawn. Between mid April and the beginning of May will be the best time as the lawn will be best equipped to regenerate.

Keeping on top of scarifying mowing and fertilising will not only make your life easier it will also over a period of time mean your lawn begins to take care of itself leaving it with a new energised vibrant look.

As mentioned above, the optimum time to scarify your lawn is from spring onwards. When the ground temperature reaches around 8 °C the grass will begin to grow, it is at this point the scarifier will be ready to get to work for the first time in the season.

To get the best from your scarifier:

  • The lawn needs to have been mowed at least once in the season.
  • Mow the lawn before scarifying with the lowest possible blade height. On Hyundai models this will be 25mm.
  • The soil should be dry. All stages of the work will then be easier and the device will be protected.

To ensure you are maximising the benefits of your new lawn scarifier there are a few key aspects you need to tick off before you get down to the hard work.

Preparing the lawn:

Around 2-3 weeks before you set out to use your scarifier we recommend you inspect the ground for any debris, grass cuttings and live moss .

Once you have cleared the debris we recommend that you use a good moss killer. These are readily available from your local garden centre. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you get coverage of the entire lawn for best results.

If you have any questions or would like any recommendations please do feel free to touch base with our sales team at Hyundai who will be more than happy to help . We are available on 01646 687880.

Once you are sure that the moss is dead, mow your lawn on a dry day with the mower on a low setting. Doing this before you use your lawn scarifier means that you can collect the cut grass at the end of the task.

Start with the lawn scarifier on a high setting and be sure to cover over the area a couple of times to maximise your results. It is then recommended you repeat this at angles but reduce the severity of the settings on each pass.

Once you have completed your first coverage of your lawn with your scarifier there is optional extra that’s highly recommended to get that lawn ready for the season.

We recommend you add more grass seed at the end of the process. You should then look to cover the seeds with fine compost to protect them while the germinate.

With a little care and attention at this stage In the process your lawn will be back to full glory in a week or two.

The Hyundai HYSC210:

Hyundai Power Equipment have once again set about putting their own stamp in the lawn scarifier marketplace with their latest edition to their ever growing garden machinery fleet with the new Petrol Scarifier HYSC210 model.

The HYSC210 model is a 210cc Petrol powered Lawn Scarifier and aerator, impressive power with very low fuel consumption.

The HYSC210 is ideally suited for small to medium sized lawns up to approx. 20m x 20m. The large sized wheels make manoeuvrability particularly easy and the specially designed wide tread helps protect your lawn when in use. The HYSC210 features a robust high-quality steel deck.

Fitted with 19 hardened steel blades specially designed to remove moss, thatch and dead grass the HYSC210 penetrates the soil allowing nutrients and moisture to be easily absorbed allowing your lawn to breathe again.

Easy Cutting Depth Adjustment:

With a variable height adjuster controlled from one adjustment dial, the working depths range from +15mm to -15mm putting you in control over the finish of your lawn.

Handy Transport Position:

There is also a transport position allowing movement over the lawn and paving without damaging the turf or blades.

Easy To Use:

Fitted with a spacious quick release 45L polyester grass catcher bag, you will spend less time emptying the cuttings and more time scarifying

The HYSC210 also comes covered by the Hyundai Platinum 3 Year Warranty and parts are available on a next day service .

Priced really well in the market, it looks set to make a big impression this year in the garden machinery market.

For the full product spec and description, find it here.

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