Which Is The Best Hedge Trimmer For You? | A Buying Guide

Which Is The Best Hedge Trimmer For You? | A Buying Guide

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Are your hedges looking a bit out of shape and overgrown? Are you losing out on garden space due to overhanging, unruly branches? You might be thinking about getting your garden spring-ready and are looking for the best hedge trimmer to suit your needs.

Not only having the added benefit of making your garden look neat and tidy, regularly trimmed hedges also encourage healthy growth and can provide a structured border for your garden - an alternative to costly fencing. 

Our latest hedge trimmer models are lightweight, incredibly easy to use and are suitable for a variety of budgets. Whether you’re looking for a corded electric hedge cutter to keep on top of shrubs in a small/medium garden, a petrol hedge trimmer for larger gardens, estates and businesses, or a battery-powered trimmer for a cordless, greener alternative to petrol, we’ve got you covered with our Hyundai hedge trimmer buying guide! 

There any many different kinds of hedge trimmers on the market to choose from, which is why we’ve written this brief introduction to hedge maintenance and included our recommendations of the different hedge trimmers we offer to match your needs. 

What To Consider When Buying a Hedge Trimmer

Before you make your purchase, you’ll need to understand what type of hedges or shrubs, and the maturity of these, you’ll be regularly cutting. 

Hedge trimmer blades have multiple evenly spaced teeth and it’s the gaps between these which signify which branch sizes the trimmer can deal with comfortably. Usually, a tooth gap of around 16-20mm will be perfect for any routine hedge trimming. 

As a general rule, the longer the blade, the quicker you’ll be able to cut your shrubs and hedges. However, the longer the blade, the more difficult it can be to move around. 

The weight of the hedge trimmer is also something to consider. You need to be able to cut your hedges with as much precision as possible and a lightweight trimmer can help with this, especially if you’re less experienced in hedge trimming. 

Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

Our range of recently-released corded electric hedge trimmers are great value for money and are easy to use - simply plug them in and you’re ready to start trimming back your hedge, shrubs and bushes - making your garden look ‘finished’ and neat! 

Corded electric hedge cutters are an incredibly low-maintenance option. With electric machines, you don’t need to remember to charge a battery or have to service an engine, replace spark plugs or worry about stale fuel if it is not used for a long period of time. 

Further on in this article, we explain when you should use a petrol hedge trimmer - this is usually when it will be used for longer periods or when more heavy-duty hedge trimming is required. 

Suitable for small to medium-sized gardens, electric pruners can provide an impressive cut on your shrubs and hedges, making them ideal for any routine garden maintenance.

We currently have three different electric hedge cutter options available. 

The 550W HYHT550E is our most cost-effective and easy-to-use corded electric hedge trimmer, featuring a long 10m power cable. 

This hedge cutter’s lightweight design means it weighs just over 3kg, minimising any strain on your arms, shoulders and back during use, ensuring a comfortable hedge trimming experience each and every time. 

The 51cm diamond-ground sharpened punched steel double-action blade of this garden hedger will slice through branches up to 16mm in diameter, providing a clean, precise cut. 

Find the HYHT550E Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer by clicking here

The next size up from the HYHT550E, the Hyundai HYHT680E Hedge Trimmer features a 61cm laser-cut sharpened steel blade, capable of cutting through hedging up to 24mm in diameter. 

Weighing just over 4kg, the HYHT680E’s powerful 680w motor will cut through shrubs and hedges with ease, ideal for any routine garden maintenance. 

Its low-vibration design ensures a comfortable cutting experience each and every time, even when using it for extended periods. 

Find the HYHT680E Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer by clicking here

Our third and final corded electric option, the HYPHT550E has been designed to provide impressive cutting power on tall or hard-to-reach shrubs and hedges. 

At just under 5kg, this long-reach hedge cutter is more lightweight than petrol models and also comes with the added bonus of a shoulder strap to help make it a comfortable machine to use, minimising any strain on your arms, shoulders and back.

The 45cm diamond ground sharpened punched steel double-action blade will slice through all types of hedging up to 16mm in diameter, providing a clean cut. 

The combined length of the tool, when held 1m off the ground, is 3.5m which will allow you to easily reach the top of tall hedges without having to resort to using a ladder, which is not only easier but also safer. 

Find the HYPHT550E Corded Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer by clicking here

Battery-Powered Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Like corded electric hedge trimmers, our lithium-ion-powered cordless hedge trimmers are so easy to use – simply charge the battery and you’re ready to start hedge trimming. 

Offering the same convenience as corded electric hedge trimmers but with the freedom of being cord-free, using a cordless hedge trimmer means you’re not confined to one area of your garden. You also don’t have any of the risks associated with trip hazards or accidentally cutting through the cord of your hedge trimmer. 

Modern, battery-powered hedge trimmers such as the lightweight Hyundai HYHT40LI Hedge Trimmer offer plenty of run time – an average of 44 minutes – for uninterrupted hedge cutting. 

Its brushless motor offers similar performance to that of a petrol hedge trimmer, but without the added weight or having to deal with stale fuel, mixing oils, etc, as you would with petrol-powered machines. Brushless motors offer a higher power to weight ratio, lower maintenance requirements and a longer lifespan than brushed motors, which are susceptible to brush and commutator wear and tear. 

The HYHT40LI hedge cutter also has an interchangeable battery that can be used throughout the entire Hyundai 40v garden machinery range, including our lawn mowers and grass trimmer

Weighing just 4.4kg, its large 520mm laser cut hardened steel blade offers efficient cutting on overgrown shrubs and hedges and it’s very comfortable to use for any routine shrub maintenance. Its rear handle can also be rotated 180 degrees which makes it easy to switch between cutting the sides and tops of hedges and gives you ultimate control over the cut. 

Battery-powered hedge trimmers are also very quiet-running so you won’t have to worry about waking your neighbours when cutting your hedges on a Sunday morning. 

Find the HYHT40LI Battery-Powered Cordless Hedge Trimmer by clicking here

Petrol Hedge Trimmers 

Petrol hedge trimmers are able to provide significant cutting power and freedom - you don’t need to worry about connecting to the mains/being limited by cord length as you would with electric trimmers, or having to charge a battery as you would with battery-powered trimmers. 

Petrol hedge cutters are suitable for larger gardens or even professional jobs where you’d need a significantly longer run-time that battery-powered trimmers wouldn’t be able to provide. 

We currently offer three different petrol-powered hedge trimmers for different purposes.

The HYHT2600X is our petrol handheld bush cutter, designed to make light work of any trimming tasks and allowing you to keep on top of any garden maintenance with precision and ease. 

With an excellent power to weight ratio and good mid-range torque for a quick and precise cutting experience, this trimmer has increased fuel efficiency, making it very economical to run. 

Equipped with a 24” (60cm) long-reach cutting blade that has a generous 35mm blade spacing, this pruner will be able to handle even the toughest and most stubborn hedgerows and shrubs.

Find the Hyundai HYHT2600X Petrol Hedge Trimmer by clicking here

Our Hyundai HYPT5200X Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer is perfect for taller shrubs and hedges and will allow you to easily trim any overgrowth up to 4m above-ground without having to use a ladder. 

Weighing just 8kg, its 2-stroke 52cc Euro V low-emission engine provides a powerful cut, and its 425mm long cutting blade can tackle even the most demanding of jobs, which you’ll be able to get done quickly and effectively. 

The blade angle can be adjusted to suit your cutting requirements to ensure you get the most perfect and precise cut possible on your greenery. This is helped by the included double support harness, which takes the weight off to increase safety and cutting accuracy. 

Find the HYPT5200X Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer by clicking here

The final petrol hedge trimmer we offer is one of our bestselling products. This all-in-one garden maintenance tool will save you money compared to buying individual machines and save space in your shed or garage, whilst enjoying the same impressive power and versatility as several equivalent dedicated garden tools.

The Hyundai HYMT5200X Petrol Garden Multi-Tool combines a hedge trimmer, pole chainsaw, brushcutter, grass trimmer and 800mm extension shaft, and has everything you need to make short work of even the toughest gardening tasks. 

Powered by a 52cc 2-stroke EURO 5 petrol engine, the HYMT5200X has a blade length of 425mm, built to prune large hedges with ease. 

The cutting blade can be adjusted 180 degrees and has a double safety lock to keep the cutting head securely in place to achieve your perfect cut. 

When attached to the extension shaft, you can prune even the tallest of hedgerows – or even hedgerows that are obstructed and hard to reach – without having to use a ladder. 

On top of this, you get all the benefits of the other multi-tool’s attachments. You can use it as a grass trimmer to tidy up the edges of your lawn; as a brushcutter to cut through tough weeds, brambles, dense scrub and overgrown grass with ease; and as a chainsaw to make quick work of cutting logs and fallen branches. 

Find the Hyundai HYMT5200X Petrol Garden Multi-Tool by clicking here

How To Mix Petrol and Oil in 2-Stroke Machines

The first thing you should do is refer to the manual of your machine to see what the ratio of oil and fuel should be. This means how many parts of fresh, unleaded fuel there are to one part of 2-stroke oil. 

Ratios are usually 25:1 with mineral oil or 40:1 with semi-synthetic oil. For reference, the majority of Hyundai’s 2-stroke garden machinery uses a 40:1 ratio with semi-synthetic oil, but you should always check before use. 

You should always pre-mix your oil/fuel ratio before adding it to your machine. This can usually be done within the included measuring bottle which will have measurements on the bottle so you can easily see the lines where both fluids should be poured up to. Simply pour your petrol up to the first marker, and the oil up to the second marker and you’re all sorted! Your mixture is now safe to pour into your machine. 

What is the Best Way To Cut A Hedge?

Before you even start cutting your hedge, you need to don the right equipment - safety goggles and gloves. Never cut a hedge when you’re in a rush - you need to take your time and use slower, lighter, and more controlled movements both for your own safety and to avoid any damage to your hedging.

The most important thing to remember when cutting hedges is to start from the bottom and work upwards. This is for safety reasons; you might snag your hedge trimmer, put in some extra force to cut through a stubborn branch and then once it cuts through, the force will continue down and you could risk cutting your legs or feet with your pruner. 

The top of your hedge should be slightly more narrow than the bottom. It’s also best to round the top of your hedges slightly so that the sunlight gets a chance to evenly reach all the leaves. This prevents uneven growth and the bottom of your hedge from becoming bare. 

The best time to trim your hedge is twice a year - around the end of February to shape them ready for any summer regrowth and the end of August to leave your hedges looking neat over the winter season. Trimming around this time will also avoid injuring or scaring away any nesting birds that may be using your hedges between the end of March and the beginning of August. 

Can You Use a Chainsaw To Trim a Hedge? 

Chainsaws are not suitable or recommended for trimming hedgerows, shrubs or brushes. Quite simply, this is very dangerous and it is extremely difficult to hold and use a chainsaw safely whilst trying to navigate the angles required to smooth over hedgerows or bushes. Therefore, we strongly advise against using a chainsaw for anything apart from its intended purpose.

As chainsaws have been designed to cut through thicker wood, such as chopping logs, removing large branches or even felling trees, using a chainsaw to cut much smaller branches may be too heavy-handed and cause permanent damage to your plant. It would be the equivalent of using a hammer to crack a nut! 

Using a chainsaw for this task could also mean that smaller branches may get pushed to the side instead of being cut, so won’t leave you with that smooth, neat finish you would get with a dedicated hedge trimmer. 

Additionally, there is also a danger when using a chainsaw for this purpose as small branches could get caught up in the chainsaw and be thrown out at high speed, or could even cause it to jam! 

On top of this, hedge trimmers are much lighter than chainsaws so are much safer for this purpose as they’re easier to control and their thinner cutting blades allow you more cutting precision to achieve curves or straight lines. 

Get In Touch!

We hope you’ve found this buying guide helpful. Remember: if you need any further buying advice, our team of experts is on-hand to help you - so just get in touch

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