Cordless Garden Machinery

With our expansive range of cordless, battery-powered garden machinery, you'll be able to keep your garden trimmed and tidy without having to worry about cables getting in the way or having to deal with stale petrol and mixing oil.

Including grass trimmers, self-propelled lawn mowershedge trimmers, chainsaws and leaf blowers, all of our cordless garden machinery are powered by Lithium-Ion batteries which provide ample time to easily get the job done on one charge.

With an average charging time of just 80 minutes, the same 40v battery powers our entire cordless garden machinery range, eliminating the need for you to buy multiple batteries or alternatively giving you even more run time the more machines you purchase.

Providing a safe, clean, low-maintenance and eco-friendly alternative to petrol and electric-powered garden machinery, our cordless garden machinery range is a great value and fuss-free option to keep your garden looking perfect.