3,000rpm Generators

3000rpm Diesel Generators are ideal for standby/backup power as home generators, as well as for small businesses.

They can also be used as standalone power for small workshops, farms or barns - when you need a few hours of power for tools or equipment.

Our 3000rpm gensets are also great to be used for mobile field repairs. If you work in agriculture or farming, these generators can fit in the back of a pick-up, and will run power tools and welders up to 150Amp to keep your farm machinery mobile and running without needing to take it back to the yard. They also run on red diesel, making them economical to run.

You will notice, when searching for diesel generators, that they are classified as 3000rpm or 1500rpm. This refers to the speed at which the engine runs. As 3000rpm generators run at a higher speed, this means they are better suited to infrequent or lower levels of use, such as backup power for when the mains fails, or being used to power a workshop which isn’t used consistently through every day.

Our 3000rpm air cooled Hyundai diesel engines, when serviced correctly, can run for 2,500-3,000 hours before a major service/rebuild would be required. In comparison to that, a 1500rpm water-cooled Hyundai generator, running at just over ‘tick over’ speed, can run for 10,000-20,000 hours before the rebuild is required. With the hours mentioned above in mind, it is easy to see why we recommend our smaller, more cost-effective 3000rpm generators for backup, standby or infrequent use.

Diesel generators are ideal for backup power applications, or standby use, as sometimes petrol can go stale and prevent a generator working.

Although operating at a higher rpm, our 3000rpm backup generators are often of a similar decibel level to our 1500rpm models because of their ‘silenced’ housing.

We offer single phase generators up to 7.5kVA and 3-phase up to 12.5kVA in the 3000rpm Hyundai range.

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3,000rpm Diesel Generators - FAQs