Single Phase Generators

Our range of Hyundai single and three-phase diesel gensets range from 5.2Kw up to 125kVA.

The main difference between single and three-phase is the voltage they produce.

Our single-phase range creates a 230 volt output, which is what most homes, businesses and equipment require.

In more industrial applications, a 400 volt three-phase generator may be required, but if you do not have any 400 volt equipment to power then a single phase 230v/240v generator is exactly what you need, so keep browsing!

Diesel generators are ideal for backup applications as sometimes petrol can go stale and prevent a generator working - not to mention the increased risk from fumes with petrol and the cost of purchasing the fuel.

Our diesel single phase generators run happily on red diesel, without voiding the warranty and making them more cost-effective.

Single-phase generators with 230v output at 50hz, which replicate the mains supply and are typically used to power homes as standby generators/backup generators or for use in small to medium businesses. They can also be used to power for smaller equipment and power tools.

These diesel generators provide an efficient source of power at a relatively low cost, giving you peace of mind that if the power fails, you have a back up power set up to keep your home warm or business running.

Diesel 230v gensets are also ideal for static applications such as powering barns, workshops or off grid locations.

We offer single-phase models up to 28kW in the Hyundai generator range. 

Single Phase Generators - FAQs