Hyundai 3.2kW / 4kVa Petrol Welder Generator, 120 Amp DC Welder | HYW130DC

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Orders to be received within 1 - 5 working days. There may be a slight delay in courier tracking becoming available. Postcode exclusions apply.

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3.2kW DC Welding Generator

The HYW130DC is a petrol-powered inverter welder generator from Hyundai, a specially designed inverter generator with a DC welder built-in. Powered by Hyundai’s well proven 224cc IC225 OHV petrol engine with low oil level protection.

Our new Hyundai welder generator uses an AC welder for the AC output, so gives maximum AC power output and this also powers the DC inverter welder which produces the superior DC welding current. (Most welder generators use the main alternator to produce AC 115v/230v and also AC welding. This inferior design limits the AC output power and produces an inferior AC welding current).

2-In-1 Generator With In-Built DC Welder

This generator has DC welding capacity built-in, which provides a smoother output than that of AC. It also has a more stable arc, less spatter, faster deposition rates when welding thin sheet metals, and greater penetration into the weld metal.

Multiple Electrode Diameters and Welding Thicknesses

This heavy-duty welding generator is suitable for a huge range of welding applications with electrode diameters between 1.6mm and 3.2mm and welding thicknesses between 3mm and 12mm.

Large Fuel Tank

With a large 11.3L fuel tank, you won’t need to keep stopping to top up this welder generator with petrol, saving you time and hassle.

Open Frame Petrol Generator

Weighing 61.75kg, the HYW130DC has a rugged open frame to protect it from bumps and knocks and is extremely easy to move around thanks to its built-in wheel kit.

Multiple Sockets

This powerful welding genset is fitted with 1x 230v 13A & 1x 115v 16A sockets to ensure you always have multiple sockets available to power whatever is needed.

Duty Cycle

This DC welder generator has a duty cycle of 35% at 100A. The easy-to-use control panel gives you maximum control over the required welding parameters and is also easy to use whilst wearing welding gloves.

Powerful Multi-Tasking

This welder generator is a multi use 2-in-1 piece of equipment. With a DC welding generator built-in, it can also be used to power a range of electric devices such as power tools, work lights, or emergency power, especially useful on farms, construction sites, or in other industrial settings.

Budget-Friendly and Space-Saving

With DC welding equipment built in, this standalone welding generator will save you money compared to buying two separate pieces of equipment, and will also save storage space. It also means you’ll have less to carry with you when transporting it between jobs.

3 Year Warranty

For added peace of mind, this inverter welding generator comes with a 3 year DIY warranty / 1 year commercial warranty.


Model HYW130DC
Start Method Recoil
Maximum AC output (KW/W) 3.2/3200
Continuous output (KW/W) 3/3000
Run time (hours) 4-8
Welder output current 50amp - 120amp (DC)
Welder Open circuit voltage 70v
Generator duty cycle 100amp @ 35%
Electrode diameter (MM) 1.6 - 2.5 - 3.2
Welding thickness (MM) 3.0 - 13.0
Generator output supply (V) 230/115
Fuel Unleaded Petrol
Fuel capacity (L) 11.3
Gross weight (KG) 64.5
Net weight (KG) 61.75
Fully assembled dimensions (H x W x L) (MM) 590 x 470 x 620 (handle folded) 590 x 470 x 900 (handle unfolded)
Package dimensions (H x W x L) (MM) 620 x 560 x 730
Fuel/Power Source Petrol
Product type Welder Generator
Warranty (Years) 3
Commercial warranty (Years) 1
Model EAN 5059608169737
Brand Hyundai
Product Type Welder

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