Hyundai 52cc Petrol Garden 5 in 1 Multi Tool | HYMT5200X-1

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Orders to be received within 1 - 5 working days. There may be a slight delay in courier tracking becoming available. Postcode exclusions apply.

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HYMT5200X-1 Hyundai Garden Multi-Tool

Combining a hedge trimmer, pole chainsaw, brush cutter, grass trimmer and 800mm extension shaft, this five-in-one multi-tool has everything a gardener needs to make short work of even the toughest gardening tasks.

With multiple garden essentials all in one machine, you can save both on money and on storage space compared to buying individual machines whilst enjoying the same impressive power and versatility.

Powerful Petrol Multi-Tool

Powered by the IC52-J EURO 5 Hyundai 52cc 2-stroke high torque petrol engine, which features low emissions and easy recoil start, this multi-tool has tremendous mid-range torque so the machine does not have to be operated at maximum revs for best performance, saving you money and lowering maintenance requirements. The HYMT5200X-1 is a heavy duty, powerful 52cc power unit. For a lighter weight option please consider the 26cc models or one of our battery or electric machines.

With a soft-start recoil system and a digital rev limiter to protect the engine from overspeed damage, this Hyundai multi-tool is really easy to use, making it ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Easy To Set Up

Assembly out of the box is quick and easy, with a full quick-start guide provided in the box. After mixing your 2-stroke fuel and oil mixture (40:1 unleaded petrol and semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil) in the included measuring jug, you’ll be ready to tackle the garden in no time at all.

Engineered to let you focus more on your gardening and less on maintaining the machine, this petrol multi-tool, when properly serviced, will provide you with years of reliable service.

Comfortable To Use

Thanks to its ergonomic design, this multi-tool is comfortable to use regardless of which attachment you’ve selected. Its included full double shoulder harness provides additional support and weight distribution to ease strain on your arms and shoulders. 

When not in use, the multi-tool's powerful engine and its attachments take up minimal space in the garden shed.

5-in-1 Multi-Tool

Grass Trimmer: Supplied with a 2-string nylon cutting head with a cutting width of 430mm, you can quickly and efficiently cut through overgrown grass and trim the edges of your lawn. The bump-feed system allows you to effortlessly dispense more cord without interrupting your gardening. 

Brushcutter: For thicker and tougher foliage, the brushcutter attachment allows you to cut through tougher brambles, dense scrub and other harsh overgrowth with ease. 

Pole Saw: The included pole chainsaw attachment has automatic chain lubrication for longer life and reduced wear and tear. The 295mm cutting bar is suitable for all but the biggest of logs and branches.

Hedge Trimmer: With a blade length of 425mm, the hedge trimmer is built to prune large hedges with ease. It can be adjusted 180 degrees, with 12 positions to choose from with a double safety lock to keep the cutting head securely in place. 

Extension Shaft: Providing approximately 800mm of extra reach (allowing you to reach up to 4m in total), the quick-release extension shaft is a convenient addition for gardeners who have tall trees or hedgerows on their property, eliminating the dangers of working from a ladder.

3 Year Warranty

As with all of Hyundai's garden equipment, the HYMT5200X-1 is covered by Hyundai's 3 year platinum warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* (*terms apply) for added peace of mind, as well as full UK parts and servicing to maintain your machine for years to come.


Model HYMT5200X-1
Start Method Recoil
Grass Trimmer Cutting Width (mm) 430
Line Diameter (mm) 2.4 - 2.5
Number of Lines 2
Bump Feed Head Yes
Max Cutting Speed (RPM) (Grass Trimmer) 6525
Brushcutter Width (mm) 255
Brushcutter Blade Type 3 Blade Steel
Max Cutting Speed (RPM) (3 Tooth Blade) 6900
Hedge Trimmer Cutting Length (mm) 425
Hedge Trimmer Tooth Spacing (mm) 20
Hedge Trimmer Cutting Capacity (mm) 24
Max Cutting Speed (RPM) (Hedge Trimmer) 1550
Chainsaw Bar (inches) 10
Chain Size (inches) -
Chain Lubrication Automatic oil pump system
Chain Speed (RPM) (m/s) 20
Handle Type Loop and Bar
With Harness? Yes
Shaft Aspect Straight
Split Shaft? Yes
Clutch Type Centrifugal
Engine Model 52cc 2-Stroke EURO 5 emissions
Engine Type 2-Stroke, Single Cylinder
Engine Size (cc) 52
Rated Power (kW/kVA) 1.45/2
Rated Speed (RPM) 9200
Fuel Petrol/Oil Mix
Fuel Capacity (L) 1.2
Engine Oil 2-Stroke
Fuel / Oil Ratio 40:1
Gross Weight (kg) 15.65
Net Weight (kg) 13.7
Fully Assembled Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 265 x 250 x 1920 (Brush Cutter) 265 x 250 x 1880 (Grass Trimmer) 265 x 250 x 2000 (Chainsaw) 265 x 250 x 2220 (Hedge Trimmer)
Package Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 300/120 x 290 x 1110
Engine Capacity (CC) 50-100
Fuel/Power Source Petrol
Product Type Multi Tool
Warranty (years) 3
Commercial Warranty (years) 1
Model EAN 5056275758806
In The Box See Description

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  • 5
    Very poor-quality product.

    Posted by David on 19th Jun 2024

    Very poor-quality product. I've used this petrol strimmer 3 or 4 times over the last month and I've had nothing but problem, cutting out, losing power, overheating, smoke coming off it. I've been 3 times to a Hyundai Store to have it looked at, they get it to work, and as soon as I get it home and start strimming the grass it cuts out after 10 minutes. AVOID, THE HASSLE IS SO TEDIOUS. Only rated 5 star so my review is listed at the top for all to read.

  • 5

    Posted by John on 15th Jun 2024

    Well put together, seems very powerful, and so far no complaints would certainly recommend seems a better build than so of the others on the market, but at a really sensible price.

  • 4
    Multi Tool

    Posted by Scott Adams on 13th May 2024

    Superb piece of kit! Packaged well, easy to assemble. Its so nice to use, very powerful but easy to control! The instructions could be a little more precise as the images are not great. I highly rate this machine. I do wish the chainsaw had come pre assembled though. A rock solid multi tool to help complete many jobs

  • 5
    Great value for money

    Posted by Bill on 25th Feb 2024

    I've bought his multi tool as a budget alternative to other brands and been really pleased with it. It has tackled an enormous conifer hedge reduction and trim. Using the pruning saw, trimmer and extension pole, all work really well. Easy to start every time. Fitting the poles together can be slightly fiddly but you just have to make sure the drive shafts are seated correctly. The little locking nuts fall out easily so be careful of that. And it is quite heavy to haul about all day. Great bit of kit and real value for money. I've found spare parts readily accessible online as well. 10 point to hufflepuff.

  • 5
    Excellent kit!

    Posted by Sean Quiggin on 4th Jul 2023

    I saw this elsewhere but bought direct. The delivery promise lived up, so a great first step! Not having used a multi-tool version, I was cautious to start but the strimmer was a breeze and the harness kept everything in a great balance so the task was almost effortless. Swapping to the hedge trimmer, I made short work of some substantial overgrowth (hazel, bay, hawthorn with some young ash and sycamore). With the extension pole I easily faced off 50yds of 15ft hedge just a treat. Overall a really massive help to me, the engine is powerful and the tools really good kit, all coming at a very satisfactory price so steps 2+ equally excellent. Well done, I'm one happy customer!

  • 5
    Very impressed so far

    Posted by ANDREW KENT on 18th Jun 2022

    I bought this when my previous hedge cutter broke and wasn't fixable. So far I am very impressed. I used it today to cut the hedge which was by now very overgrown. It's a long stretch of hedge, tall and mixed species (holly, hawthorn, sycamore, lilac) and it got through it with no trouble. The machine feels sturdy and well built. I use stihls and husqvarna equipment at work but they cost a fortune to buy and work doesn't lend out tools so I decided to buy this. So far it's comparing great to them. The engine starts and runs well, I've had no issues with it and it has plenty of power being 40cc. I did use e5 petrol (BP ultimate) though because garden tools will run on E10 but not as well (stihls at work are much harder to start on E10). I also don't want rubbish fuel gumming up the carb or lines. 2 litres fills the tank, so paying extra for the better fuel is worth it. I haven't tried the other attachments yet but I'll be mostly using the hedge cutter and strimmer. The harness can be a faff to put on but it saves your back a bit, though I didn't use it all the time as I'm used to using multi tools without them. The only niggle I found with it was that the off switch is easy to knock when hedge cutting but you become aware of it and avoid knocking it. It starts back up with one pull though, so not a big issue. It was fairly easy to put together though I do work on my own tools anyway, there isn't exactly a great lot to assemble. I did notice the strimmer head isn't a bump feed one so might change that in future (they screw off - it's a reverse thread) but I'll see if it annoys me or not first. Overall a cracking buy, I'm pleased with it. It's nice that it's got a 3 year warranty too, that was one reason why I chose it.

  • 5
    Superb multi tool

    Posted by JL Shropshire border on 21st Nov 2020

    Have had this for aprox 6 months. Quite heavy but I find using it fine. The brushcutter is brilliant. Had to tackle a very over grown garden with lots of brambles. Made light work of the job. Had problem with the hedgecutter tool but Hyundai replaced very quickly and works fine. Highly recommend

  • 5
    Best Multi Tool on the market

    Posted by JD on 26th Aug 2020

    With a limited space in my garage in the garage I stumbled across this product not only are each of the tools some of the best on the market I felt compelled to come on here and write a review because of the longevity it has provided me.

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