Hyundai 5.2kW/6.5kVA Silenced Standby Single Phase Diesel Generator | DHY6000SE

Hyundai 5.2kW/6.5kVA Silenced Standby Single Phase Diesel Generator | DHY6000SE

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  • Produces 5.2kW / 6.5kVA maximum output

  • Electric start with ATS compatibility

  • Efficient Hyundai D420 engine

  • Equipped with a large 16L fuel tank for a long running time

  • Comes fitted with safety features such as low oil alert and automatic engine shut down

  • Low noise sound attenuated canopy

  • 12 month Hyundai Warranty

  • Full UK parts and service operation

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Hyundai 5.2kW/6.5kVA Silenced Standby Single Phase Diesel Generator | DHY6000SE

The Best Selling Standby Diesel Generator 

The Hyundai DHY6000SE is one of the most popular sub 10kW standby diesel generators available on the market today. The compact size, clean power output and low noise make it a reliable source of backup electrical power for your business or home and is portable enough for fieldwork.

Reliable Hyundai Power 

The DHY6000SE is powered by Hyundai's efficient, low emission, 4 stroke D420 10hp engine and produces 5.2kW of clean power to your home or business.

The generator has 1 x 115V 16amp, 1x 115V 32amp and 1 x 230V 32amp sockets, allowing you to power a wide range of equipment.
It also benefits from a sophisticated AVR alternator.

The large 16-litre fuel tank can provide up to 16 hours of run time @ 50% load and the DHY6000 has the ability to run off red diesel making it, even more, cost-effective.

Ease Of Use

The DHY6000SE features an electric start and a convenient digital control panel that displays the frequency, voltage and total run time.

The DHY6000SE backup power generator is compatible with an optional Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). An ATS will sense the power cut and automatically start the generator even if you're not around. Once the power has been restored, the ATS will again, automatically switch you back to mains power.

The built-in low oil alarm and automatic shutdown keep the generator safe during operation and ensure the engine is protected at all times.

Silent Operation 

The DHY6000SE is part of the Hyundai silent range so is a quiet generator and comes with a sound attenuated canopy to reduce overall noise levels making it suitable for domestic or low noise areas.

The canopy has large, hinged access panels to make routine maintenance and inspection much easier and is mounted on wheels for ease of movement.

Please note - diesel generators with enclosed sound attenuating canopies are often classed as ‘Silent’. This is an industry practice and does not mean the generator is actually silent. We would class this as a quiet running diesel generator.

In The Box

Hyundai DHY6000SE Generator, User Manual

*All non-inverter or converter generators except HY3400 Hirepro:
Fitted with an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) controlled alternator to maintain voltage as near to 230v as possible. Non-AVR alternators have a large fluctuation in voltage and can damage sensitive electronic equipment. If you require a portable generator to replicate the mains supply, it is recommended that a pure sine wave inverter generator is used.
Gross Weight (kg) 164.00
Warranty 1 Year
Engine Type D420
Engine Type Hyundai Single cylinder - Forced Air cooled, OHV,
Power Output (hp) 10.00
Number of Cylinders 1.00
Displacement (cc) 418.00
Cooling Method Air
Oil Capacity (L) 1.75
Speed (rpm) 3000.00
Speed Regulation Type Mechanical governor
Alternator Type D400-SO1-4
Voltage Regulation Method AVR
Power Factor (cosᶲ) 1.00
Rated kVA 5.60
Rated kW 4.50
Max kVA 6.50
Max kW 5.20
Voltages - VAC 230.00
Frequency (Hz) 50.00
Meter/Display Functions Volts/Frequency/Hours run/Total hours run
Connection Method (VAC/a) Sockets - 1 x 115V/16A, 1 x 115/32A, 1 x 230V/32A
Starting Method(s) Electric
Remote Start Function? Yes
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Tank (L) 16.00
Battery Type (v/Ah) 12/36
ATS Port? Yes
Low Oil Shutdown? Yes
Noise Level db (A) 96.00
Noise Level db (A) @ 7m 70.00
Box Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 960 x 560 x 740
Machine Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 930 x 530 x 720
Net Weight (kg) 152.00
Wheel Kit? Yes

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In the Workshop

Q: How do I choose the right generator? I have a 700w angle grinder, what generator do I need? 

A: The grinder has an electric motor so it is an inductive load. Typically, inductive loads need 3 times the rated power to start. Therefore, in this example, you need a generator with at least 2100w continuous power. 

Generator continous rated output Resistive load Inductive load (typically 1/3 the rated power output of generator)
1000w 900w 333w
2000w 1800w 666w
2500w 2250w 833w
3000w 2700w 1000w
5000w 4500w 1666w
6000w 5400w 2000w
7000w 6300w 2333w

Resistive loads: Lights, heaters, heat guns

Inductive loads: Electric motors, powertools, compressors, refrigerators

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there glow plugs on this generator?

A. Yes this machine has a glow plug fitted for extreme cold weather starting. This is only really required when temperature falls below zero Celsius. It is recommended to hold the pre-heat button in for 10 to 15 seconds before turning the key to start the engine.

Q. It it just a standby or can it run all day?

A. 3000rpm generators are not designed for coniniuous operation, day in day out, all year round. For this type of useage, we would recommend a 1500rpm diesel generator. However, as long as the generator is well maintained – engine oil checked daily and changed every 100 hours, not overloaded and operated in a well ventilated space, there should be no problem running a 3000rpm diesel generator for long periods (24 hours a day if needed) during a power failure. Typically the type of machine chosen is decided by its total operational lifespan- 3000rpm diesel generators will run for 2-3000 hours and 1500rpm diesel generators will run for 10,000 plus hours, if properly maintained.

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