1,500rpm Diesel Generators

1500rpm Diesel Generators are ideal for static installation for daily prime power, as well as for regular standby generator/backup generator use both in the home and in your business.

1500rpm generators have slower running, water-cooled engines which are less stressed than the smaller 3000rpm air-cooled generators, which make them the best option if you’re going to use your generator as your main power source.

1500rpm generators are also able to provide a higher level of kVA than 3000rpm generators so could be the perfect solution if you’re looking to power larger appliances over longer periods.

Diesel generators are ideal for backup applications as sometimes petrol can go stale and prevent a generator working. Our diesel generators will happily run on red diesel, without voiding the warranty and making them more cost-effective.

We offer single-phase generators up to 28kVA and 3-phase up to 125kVA in the Hyundai range.

Our 1500rpm generators are ideal for use in your business, workshop or factory, or even as an off-grid prime power home generator.

These Hyundai generators can be installed with an Automatic Mains Failure switch or a Manual Transfer Switch to easily switch to backup power in the event of a power cut.

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1,500rpm Diesel Generators - FAQs