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Hyundai 3200W Portable Inverter Generator 

The HY3200SEi is a compact yet powerful portable inverter leisure generator from Hyundai providing a convenient and cost-effective source of power. With an impressive maximum output of 3200w / 3.2kW, and continuous power rating of 2800w / 2.8kW, the HY3200SEi is ideal for caravans and motorhomes as it allows you to take the modern luxuries from home with you wherever you go.

Portable Power

The HY3200SEi, with integrated carry handle, is easily stored in the back of a van car, or garage. Weighing only 35kg combined with the folding front, moulded rear handle and heavy-duty rear wheels makes transportation easy across a variety of surfaces.

LCD Display Screen

The HY3200SEi houses a new inverter board designed to cope with the extreme inductive loads applied when using power tools and electric motors with high start-up currents. The new LCD display makes it easy to monitor the performance of the generator, displaying voltage, frequency and hour count.

210cc 4-stroke OHV Engine

Powered by the Hyundai 210cc 4-stroke OHV engine, the HY3200SEi produces 3200w / 3.2kW and is more than capable of powering televisions, small air compressors for inflatable beds, electric heaters, power tools laptops, lights, etc.

230v Sockets

The control panel features two 230v sockets for use with any appliance which uses a standard 3-pin 13A UK mains plug, as well as a 12v DC battery charging outlet, so it’s ideal for a variety of uses. Producing a pure sinewave output, it can safely power all sensitive electronics without risk of damaging or overloading them.

The HY3200SEi inverter generator is extremely popular for powering large motorhomes, horse lorries and race tracks and it’s built to be user-friendly with low maintenance requirements. Digital overload protection will shut the generator down should the load pass the maximum threshold, and low oil shutdown also turns off the generator should the oil level drop too far.

ECO Mode

Already an economical generator, the HY3200SEi also has the added benefit of an “ECO” mode which, when selected, will lower the engine revs to match the load being applied, which in turn increases the fuel economy, lowers the noise produced and extends the lifespan of the engine.

In The Box:

  • HY3200SEi Inverter Generator
  • 2 Remote Start Keys
  • 2 Manual Start Keys
  • 12v DC Charging Cable
  • Spark Plug Spanner
  • Oil filler Jug
  • Screwdriver


With Hyundai’s 3-year platinum warranty you can have complete peace of mind that in any event, you will have the back-up, parts and support you need.

Leisure generators are designed for weekend and holiday use or standby use. Not designed for continuous daily use or off-grid power supply.

Please ensure you are fully aware of the danger of operating a generator, visit our safety page, click here.

*If a kVA power output is shown, kVA is based on an assumed load factor of 0.8.

Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 400 x 400 x 560
Dry Weight - kg 35
Engine Model IC210E
Engine Size (cc) 210
Engine Type 4-Stroke
Frequency (Hz) 50
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 7.8
Maximum Power (kW) 3.2
Oil Capacity (ml) 600
Rated Speed (RPM) (rpm) 3600
Run Time (hrs) 7
Start Method Recoil - Key - Wireless Remote
Voltage (VAC) 230/240
Noise Level db (A) 96
Noise Level db (A) @ 7m 54~59

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  • 5
    A perfect back up for a back up generator...

    Posted by M Rimmer, Neyland on 8th Jul 2020

    This was bought as a standby for our bigger HDY6000SE back up genset that is having some grounding issues at the moment. I had to commission this small genset upon delivery but that was no issue. Battery connection was easy, oil filling simple with the 200ml oil filler. I poured in five litres of unleaded and after a few pulls on the recoil starter it ran. We had power :) Every time after this it starts immediately on the key or remote starter. Not light, but given it can deliver about 3.5kVA from an inverter this is acceptable! Easy to transport with the handle and wheels at the rear. Not caravan site quiet but quiet enough for our uses. We run our vintage jukeboxes from it, we run gardening kit from the genset, it has suppled prime power to our house for a while whilst I rewired the consumer unit. Great support from the staff at Genpower when I needed a replacement remote starter fob. If only all suppliers were this ethical about after sales support. Thank you all. I wanted the P4000i as this could be connected to another P4000i in parallel to double power delivery but none were in stock sadly, but all in all, a great little performer.

  • 5
    First impression and use.

    Posted by M Rimmer on 25th May 2020

    We were looking for a small back up generator for my folks. Covid lockdown, zombie apocalypse and all that... We already have a 6kVA DHY6000SE from Genpower for us but my folks didn’t need that kind of power. This 3200 was bought as a B grade return for a very good price. The initial owner rejected it due to a small crack in the outer case that is hardly visible. Their loss, my gain. It was ordered and delivered the following day, double boxed. This genset has no hours on the clock. Never used. It also needed oil in the engine as expected if it was never used. Disappointedly though one of the remote key fobs, the 13 amp plug to 16 amp commando adaptor, the oil, oil spout and the oil were missing. But for just over half price I wasn’t complaining. Genpower have promised though that when lockdown is over and if Covid hasn’t killed us all off they will replace the start controller and replace the two remote fobs. I am more than happy with that. This 3200 is a bit noisy. The Eco switch setting helps a bit. The neighbours complained when we needed it for power but as a 3.2kVA unit I am happy. Admittedly it was running out in the open in the back yard. It is a heavy item so no tossing it about like a 1kVA genset. The inverter provides clean, spike and harmonic free 50Hz, I scoped it out on my Fluke oscilloscope so 10/10 there. Time will tell if it is reliable but so far, so good. Only whinge is that it is a bit noisier than expected. 54dBA at 10 meters. It now has five and a half hours use.

  • 5
    First impressions

    Posted by R, Addicott. Devon UK, on 8th Aug 2019

    Came Via our friends on TNT in a damaged box. No surprises there. All fine when opened, the machine is almost a cube in design. Carried out oil and battery startup procedure filled with unleaded and it fired up first turn. Its quiet for a 4Kva machine but not as unobtrusive as a smaller engine. Eco works well as it automatically ramps the revs down with no load. Plugged in a 2kw fan heater and it responded by increasing the speed instantly. Still not so loud as you would get complaints from other users. But, hey, this machines party piece of remote start and stop via a key fob is a real winner with us. we have a boat on a pontoon with no electric, so just by hooking up the shore power lead. Tah-Dah, instant cooker, shower,ice,charging and heating, all controlled from inside without going out with a pull cord. That said, this generator is no light weight at 35kg but it does put out over 3kw so its a direct trade off off kg for kw. have not yet got any long term use to base a review on, but the build quality and the fact its a known make will hopefully pay dividends, Visit Our Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Safety Information For More Information On Using A Generator On A Boat:

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