6 Benefits of Investing in LED Tower Lighting

Whether you want to bring extra visibility, more safety and security to your worksite, your office or factory car park, or any engineering or maintenance projects, Evopower tower lighting offers a great solution.

LED tower lightingTower lights are a vital piece of equipment during the winter when, even in office working hours, workers will be arriving to work when it’s dark and leaving when it’s dark, or on sites as the evenings draw in and you lose the light early on in the day. For commercial applications you need to maximise your working hours year-round - and investing in a lighting tower ensures you can continue to work safely even when the days are shorter.

Our portable lighting towers are weather-resistant, have stabiliser legs and feature high-intensity, energy efficient LED bulbs. As well as standalone lighting towers (we recommend a generator such as the HY2000SI to go with these), we also offer a package which includes the Hyundai DHY6000SE diesel generator and lighting tower in one. Our DHY6000SE, when bought with a lighting tower, has been slightly customised with rubber feet as opposed to wheels, and the lighting tower has a larger base to accommodate the generator.

Suitable for a huge variety of sites and conditions, including areas where fixed lighting isn’t a viable solution, investing in our energy efficient lighting towers brings a multitude of benefits in comparison to other forms of lighting.

So, let’s look at these benefits in more detail.

1. Tower lighting is quick and easy to set up

LED tower lightingOur LED tower lighting is simple and fast to set up wherever it’s needed, providing powerful lighting and illumination to brighten up a large area of ground. Factor in our free, next day UK mainland delivery and your lighting rig will be up and running in next to no time at all.

We also offer the option to purchase one of our efficient lighting towers with a Hyundai diesel generator to power it, making them totally standalone and self-powering, allowing the setup process to become even faster and easier. Due to the low power consumption of the lighting towers, the built-in generators can also run other small electrical equipment at the same time.

2. It is portable, quiet and simple to move around the site

Fitted with off-road tyres, our lighting towers are able to be moved across rough and uneven terrain easily by one person. The fitted brake on the LED tower lighting means they can be easily and safely deployed wherever they’re needed. With their trolley design, simply release the brake and push into position.

3. Tower lighting offers a large coverage area

Our LED towers are multi-directional, which means you can pinpoint them in one area to LED tower lightingprovide powerful lighting where it is needed; the directional design means the light is emitted within a very strict direction and tolerance so minimal light is wasted in the wrong area. However, you can also move the heads around to spread light over a wider area as required.

The lighting also covers a large area of ground and the increased light capacity that our mobile light towers provide reduces dark spots – areas of decreased visibility that often accompany dimmer, fixed lighting, adding another layer of security and safety.

4. It is a powerful and efficient lighting source

Rather than using chemicals, glass or filaments to produce light, LED lights use chips which use up to 40% less energy in comparison to traditional lighting towers. LED lighting also generally achieves 80% efficiency, in comparison to 50% with traditional metal halide, meaning you need less power to run the lighting towers, so, if using a generator you’ll use less fuel and save more money over the lifetime of your tower lighting.

LED lighting also lasts a lot longer than traditional light forms; where metal halide usually lasts around 10,000 hours, you can easily get up to 30,000 hours from your LED lighting. Alongside this, our LED tower lighting has been built to last with minimal maintenance needed. It is also the environmentally friendly choice, with LED lighting emitting lower levels of carbon than their metal halide counterparts.

5. It is easily expandable

We have designed our LED lighting towers so that they can be easily 'daisy-chained' together. This means you can invest in as many as you need, and should your requirement become larger, you could purchase more and daisy-chain them together to cover a wider area/perimeter.

This also makes them suitable if you have multiple areas to light - for example, a smaller car park outside an office building, but also a large field on occasions. For any construction sites, roadworks, or industrial applications that require lighting towers, this also means you can invest in multiple units to cater for jobs of all sizes and just join together however many you need.

6. Tower lighting has a variety of uses

Although commonly used in the construction industry as worksite lighting, LED light towers have a variety of different uses and is also able to provide an efficient solution for:

    LED tower lighting

  • • Car park lighting
  • • Railway maintenance lighting
  • • Festival lighting
  • • Concert lighting
  • • Rugby field/football pitch/sporting event lighting 
  • • Agricultural lighting
  • • Road maintenance lighting
  • • Outdoor event lighting
  • • Hospital lighting
  • • Business lighting
  • • Civil defence and airport lighting

Our lighting tower or package which includes a DHY6000SE diesel generator are both available with free UK mainland delivery. Add some security and safety to your workplace today! Full parts and replacement bulbs are available via our parts department to maintain your LED tower lighting for years to come.

If you’d like more information, you can give us a call on 01646 687880, fill out the contact form here or drop us a message on any of our social media pages - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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