Get Jubilee Garden Party Ready with Hyundai

Get Jubilee Garden Party Ready with Hyundai

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With the Queen’s platinum jubilee taking place in just over a week, you’re likely to be starting to put together a plan on how to spend your bonus bank holiday day off. 

After the past few years of dealing with COVID-19, quarantines, and time spent away from family and friends, this jubilee weekend is the perfect excuse to go all out with the celebrations. 

There are a lot of ways to get involved in the Queen’s jubilee celebrations. If you’re planning to throw a great British garden party, whether that involves a full 1950s-style afternoon tea, drinks in the sun with friends, or a throwing a few burgers on the grill at a family BBQ, we’ve got everything you need to get your garden looking its best ready for the jubilee weekend and the rest of the season ahead! 

To achieve that all-important classic striped British lawn fit for royalty, we have a range of corded electric mowers and petrol lawn mowers available with rear rollers. 

Voted 'The Best Electric Lawn Mower for 2021' by The Independent, the HYM3300E low maintenance roller mower features a 33cm cutting width, 30L grass catcher bag, and 3 adjustable cutting heights. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a cable-free option, the HYM430SPER petrol lawn mower not only features a rear roller but has the added convenience of an electric push-button start, as well as recoil back-up. With a 43cm cutting width, 45L grass catcher bag, and 5 adjustable cutting heights, this lawn mower is also self-propelled so drives itself – all you need to do is steer! If you have a lot of grass to cut, why not opt for the HYM530SPER? This large mower offers all the same fantastic features as the HYM430SPER but with a larger 53cm cutting width and 70L grass catcher bag. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective pressure washer to get your patio, decking, or paving looking as good as new, look no further than our newly-released range of electric pressure washers – the 1740psi HYW1700E, 2100psi HYW1900E, and 2610psi HYW2500E. With a selection of accessories included, you can start cleaning straight out of the box. The largest two of our electric pressure washers even come equipped with rotary patio cleaning attachments to speed up cleaning flat surfaces! However, these are also available separately as an accessory to go with our petrol pressure washers

Have your fence panels or garden gate taken a bit of a beating from the storms we’ve had this year? If so, get them back looking their best with the help of our Hyundai HY2175 Cordless Drill. Weighing just 1.4kg, its lightweight and compact design makes it incredibly comfortable to use. It also has 21 torque settings to prevent overdriving screws into delicate surfaces. With a 54-piece accessory kit included, you can tackle almost all DIY projects and repairs around your home and garden. 

If your hedges are thriving but looking a bit unruly, we’ve got you covered! Our range of hedge trimmers and pole trimmers will get your garden shrubs and hedges in order in no time. Whether you’re interested in our low maintenance corded electric hedge trimmers for light pruning and garden maintenance, our petrol hedge trimmers for cutting through any overgrown hedges or small overhanging branches with ease, or our 20v or 40v battery hedge trimmers (both supplied with a battery and charger) for the best of both worlds – all the freedom of petrol and the low maintenance requirements of electric - we’ve got the exact hedge trimmer to suit your needs. 

If you have a few guests coming around and you don’t have any outdoor plugs in easy reach of your outdoor space, have you considered how you’re going to power your party? Our Hyundai Portable Power Stations or silenced suitcase Inverter Generators will allow both you and your guests to keep your phones charged, keep your music playing all day, and power any lighting as the sun sets for ultimate convenience. 

So, whether you need to clean your patio, get your lawn looking neat and tidy, or make any quick repairs to your fences, get jubilee garden party ready with Hyundai Power Products, with free mainland UK delivery* and our dependable Hyundai warranty available on all products. All you’ve got left to do is keep your fingers crossed for sunny weather! 

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