Hyundai Set to Clean Up in the UK Wet & Dry Vacuum Market

Hyundai Set to Clean Up in the UK Wet & Dry Vacuum Market

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Wet and dry vacuum cleaners (or garage vacs as they are commonly known) are designed to handle the toughest of clean up jobs and those that the normal domestic home vacuum may struggle with. They are highly versatile units that will not only prove essential for removing dust and debris but also offer the ability to remove wet spills.

They ideally lend themselves to the DIY enthusiast for those jobs in and around the home and garage. They are also an essential item for carpenters, workshops, car valets, plumbers or other site based industries who require the ability to maintain a clean working environment throughout the day in an efficient and effective manner.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are the perfect multi purpose cleaner - whether helping to blow dust away, clear debris or tidy up a workspace at the end of a busy day. There are wet and dry vacuums on the market which will suit everyone's needs.

Hyundai Power Products has again put their own stamp on the ever growing market this year launching 3 different models to the UK market.

The range is multi-functional, covering both the domestic user with the HYVI3014, whilst also breaking into the commercial market with the HYVI10030.

What budget do you have?

What is your intended use for the wet and dry vacuum?

Do you have the storage for it?

How often do you intend to use it?

If you are looking at a wet and dry vac for those one-off essential DIY jobs around the home or perhaps cleaning the car then you need to ensure you look at the smaller models, These are powerful enough for those essential cleaning jobs yet lightweight and easy enough to manoeuvre in and around those tough to reach areas. Models such as the HYVI3014 are also small enough to store away in the garage or the van for the next time you have an essential DIY job.

How Much Should You Be Looking At Spending On Your Wet & Dry Vacuum?

The wet and dry vacuum market is very competitive in the UK. On average, you should look to spend anywhere between £50 for the more domestic lightweight units while the commercial professional grade units or top brands you should look to spend anywhere between £150-£350 depending on application power and functions you require for your vac.

What Else Will You Need To Consider When Buying a Wet & Dry Vacuum?

CORD LENGTH: It is essential when doing those hard to reach jobs or manoeuvring around your vehicle for the weekly car clean that you have enough reach from your vac. Most domestic units will offer anywhere from 4m upwards, more than enough for those domestic chores around the home and garage.

WEIGHT OF THE UNIT: Essentially you want your vac to be as lightweight as possible, if you are moving around the property or in and out of your van and on site for instance. All units will have wheels making it easy to access the most difficult to reach areas.

CAPACITY: The capacity of your unit will naturally depend on your application, the more domestic machines or infrequent user are going to require a smaller volume (normally around 20L) while a commercial user clearing bigger surface areas on a regular basis will want a larger capacity (normally around the 100L range).

BLOWER: Many of today's garage vacs will have an outlet so you can switch between vacuum and blowing, perfect for any hard to reach areas or for clearing areas quickly while carrying out those DIY tasks.

DUST BAGS: In most cases the dust bag functionality will be optional depending on your application, but do ensure you have these at the point of purchase, giving you peace of mind that you have everything you need to tackle any job.

FILTERS: This aspect of the wet and dry vac market can vary greatly depending on your budget. Some units require you to swap over when changing between wet and dry cleaning. The higher end or recognised branded models will have a change over function that decreases down time and allows you switch with no issue whatsoever.

SITE USE FEATURES: Something to look out for are added functions, it is sometimes worth paying that little bit extra. Some models such as the Hyundai range will have interchangeable HEPA and sponge features, built in washable filters, anti static prevention system, built in sockets for connecting drills, circular saws and wet & dry floor brushes.

WET SPILLS: I’m sure we have all had instances with cleaning up liquid spillages and stains on our carpets and hard floors . Whether it is that glass of red wine or a cup of tea, getting these cleaned can be a really difficult task for even the most powerful of domestic vacuums. If you have kids this can almost be a daily chore, a powerful wet and dry vac with its interchangeable nozzles can make light work of this. The Wet Vac functionality comes into its own here.

FLOORS & CURTAINS: Wet and dry vacuums are fantastic tools when it comes to cleaning floors and curtains. Any dust and debris can be collected in those hard to reach areas and the wet and dry vac can add that extra power needed the domestic vacuum cannot offer. Most offer attachments that can make light work of any hardwood or laminate flooring.

FIREPLACES: Fireplaces can be an arduous task to stay on top of in any property. More often than not the domestic vacuum will not be able to cope with fireplace soot or ash or small spaces, however the domestic wet and dry vacuums will be more than enough to handle these jobs.

HOT TUBS & CLOGGED SINKS: Perhaps not something you first think of as a key function of your wet and dry vac. But this is something every domestic home would have encountered at some point. The power and adaptability and accessories make them perfect for handling such tasks.

You can take a look at the new Hyundai Wet and Dry vac range from HYUNDAI by clicking here.

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