Diesel Generators Over 10kW

All diesel generators in the Hyundai range above 10kW are 1500rpm machines, which are designed to be more durable and reliable than 3000rpm machines due to the engines revving at half the speed.

1500rpm Generators are also suitable to be used for longer periods of time than their 3000rpm counterparts, for either backup or mains supply power on anything from houses all the way up to offices, worksites and commercial buildings.

Starting at 11kVA and going all the way up to 120kVA, Hyundai provides both single-phase and three-phase machines for every conceivable situation.

Every Hyundai diesel generator over 10kW comes with ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) functionality, giving users the option to never have the need to manually turn on their generator.

Diesel Generators Over 10kW - FAQs