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  • HYUNDAI Set To Clean Up In The UK Wet & Dry Vacuum Market

    Wet and dry vacuum cleaners (or garage vacs as they are commonly known) are designed to handle the toughest of clean up jobs  and those that the normal domestic home vacuum may struggle with. They are highly versatile units that will not only prove essential for removing dust and debris...
  • Hyundai Power Products: Catering To Your Generator Needs

    Until recent years street food in the UK was merely in its infancy. Growing up in the UK for the most part the closest we ever got to street food would be chasing the ice cream van down our local street, or perhaps grabbing a hot dog or a burger...
  • Winter Vehicle Safety From HYUNDAI

    Winter can be a truly magical time of year. The air is clear, the nights are longer and the days are cold and crisp.   Unfortunately the season does come with its hazards. Winter weather can have a serious effect on our vehicle health, leaving us exposed to the harsher conditions...
  • Leaf An Impression With The HYBV3000E Electric Leaf Blower

    Autumn is my favourite season, beautiful crisp cold mornings with a mix of vibrant gold and reds carpeting the ground for as far as the eye can see. With the Autumn season it is amazing how many fallen leaves can accumulate across our gardens, beds and borders, pathways, driveways, and...
  • Adjusting the Carburettor on a Hyundai chainsaw.

    All Hyundai chainsaws use Walbro carburettors, so the tuning principles are the same.

    Carburettor adjustment is critical on chain saws and other two-stroke engines. An engine that is running too rich will cause a saw to smoke, have insufficient power, result in additional carbon build up and may damage the engine. An engine that is running too lean will also produce insufficient power and is more likely to damage the engine from piston/bore seizure. The correct carburettor adjustment will allow the saw to produce maximum power, extend the life of the engine, reduce emissions, idle smoothly, rev up quickly and give long trouble free service.

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