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  • Hyundai Lawn Scarifier. The Simple Way To Upgrade Your Lawn

    If past seasons are anything to go by then the recent showers we have seen across the UK will not be going anywhere just yet.    This is fantastic news for the growth of your grass but perhaps means there will be a little more work for you to do when...
  • Put A Little Spring In Your Step With HYUNDAI POWER PRODUCTS

    The arrival of springtime can mean different things to different people. On a personal level, it makes me think of lighter evenings (and lots of bike rides after work), the start of the warmer weather coming through and the once grey sky and mist being replaced with bursts of colour...
  • HYUNDAI Lawnmower Buying Guide That Is A Cut Above the Rest!

    It might not feel like it yet but spring is just around the corner. The nights are starting to draw out and before long it is going to be time to head out to the shed to dust off the old lawn mower ready for that first cut of the...
  • How To Choose The Correct Pressure Washer

    In recent years the pressure washer has become one of those “must have”  products for the home across the UK. When it comes to getting to grips with dirt and grime, tackling those hard to reach areas and outdoor surfaces, the versatility of the pressure washer means any home will...
  • Generator Servicing & Maintenance Tips

    Generators, like most products with a working engine and moving components, will always require a certain degree of maintenance and regular servicing to help optimise performance. There are many different types of generators, from petrol to LPG and diesel powered, and they come in many forms with varying applications. These...

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