Hyundai launch new corded electric range for the 2020 season

Corded lawn mowers - the perfect choice for smaller spaces

The UK, like the rest of the world, is facing unprecedented times since the outbreak of the coronavirus. As human beings our priorities shift to adapt our daily routines to ensuring our family, friends and neighbours are safe and being looked after during these times. 

All of us from Hyundai Power Equipment hope you and your families are keeping safe and well during these strangest of times. 

It’s true that our daily lives have changed and been turned upside down since the lockdown, our homes have become our offices and parents have had to become teachers all at the same time. However there are benefits for keeping to a routine and keeping our minds activated . One such way is spending time in the garden.  

The Benefits of getting out in the garden:

Spending time in the garden can be therapeutic and can help to keep you  both physically and mentally active. Over the lockdown we had some fantastic weather and people across the country have found a renewed love for their garden. 

Gardening can provide a place for experiencing nature which is proven to help with cognitive functioning and emotional well-being.  Gardening can also help with reducing depression, anxiety, obesity, stress, muscle tension and heart disease while increasing life satisfaction, quality of life and bringing a sense of community. 

Garden spaces are getting smaller:

When it comes to garden spaces in the UK one thing is clear - they're getting smaller! Construction Global revealed that between 1983 and 2013 (UK) gardens shrank from 168m2 to 163.m2. 

With that said there are some fantastic advantages to having a smaller garden: 

  • Less expensive to landscape 
  • Less Effort to maintain 
  • Much more manageable 
  • More likely that your vision can be realised 
  • Also you can do more with a limited landscaping budget . 

Corded lawn mowers - the perfect mower for the small garden

Getting your garden in shape with no strain has never been easier. With a corded electric lawnmower there’s no fuel, oil or spark plugs to worry about plus you’re up and cutting at the push of a button so you’ll spend less time maintaining your equipment and more time enjoying your lawn. 

They are the perfect choice for a family sized lawn and on average cost between £79.99 -£150. 

A corded electric lawn mower is better for the environment - you won’t have to have any cans of fuel to worry about and they'll keep on cutting for as long as you need them to, no need to recharge or buy fuel when you switch to the corded mower. 

The corded  lawn mowers are also the least expensive of the lawnmower range and more often than not are extremely lightweight and easy to store in your shed or garage. 

Like their cordless counterparts, corded electric lawn mowers do their work quietly without making excessive noise , polluting the environment or disturbing the neighbours. 

Hyundai launch three new models to the UK market for 2020

This season Hyundai Power Products has begun to put their own stamp on the Electric lawnmower range.  For 2020 we have launched 3 corded lawn mowers to our ever growing garden machinery range, putting our extensive knowledge of the sector into these new electric mowers. 

With built in safety features and long electrical cords the range offers hassle free garden maintenance with the reliability of the Hyundai name, a brand that prides itself on its quality and reliability. 

Simple to use,  simple to maintain and simple to store the new electric lawnmower range from Hyundai offers something for any garden size and is sure to become as popular as our petrol and cordless mowers in the UK.

Let’s take a look at the 3 new corded lawn mowers for this 2020 season:

The HYM3200E Priced at £79.99

The HYM3200E is a versatile, cost effective, budget corded electric lawn mower from Hyundai.  Fitted with a 10 metre long reach power cable with 13amp 3 pin UK plug the HYM3200E is the ideal electric lawn mower for small sized gardens.

The HYM3200E electric mower is powered by a 1000w maintenance-free, brushed motor.

With a cutting width of 320mm, The HYM3200E is ideal for small lawns. Featuring a quick-release 25L grass catcher with a hard lid ensuring you'll spend less time emptying the cuttings and more time mowing.

Changing the cutting height could not be easier, simply pull the spring loaded axles towards the centre and select the required height. With 3 cutting heights - 25mm, 45mm & 65mm - the HYM3200E puts you in control over the finish of your lawn. 

Operating this mower is a breeze too, simply press the safety button and pull back the Operator Presence Control lever and away you go. Weighing in at  8.8kg you'll find this ultra-lightweight mower easy to push around your garden - essential for hand push models to minimise fatigue and maximise manoeuvrability.

The handles fold down over the main power unit making this compact lawn mower easy to carry and store in a garden shed, garage and to transport in the boot of your car.

View the HYM3200E corded electric lawn mower

The HYM3300E Corded Electric Roller Lawn Mower

The HYM3300E has a lightweight plastic chassis and is a very versatile 1200W corded electric roller lawnmower from Hyundai.  Fitted with a 10 metre long reach power cable with 13amp 3 pin UK plug the HYM3300E is the ideal electric lawnmower from smaller gardens.

The HYM3300E electric mower is powered by a 1200w Hyundai motor. With a cutting width of 330mm, the HYM3300E is well suited to lawns up to approx. 144sq metres, 12m x 12m. Featuring a quick-release 30L grass catcher with a hard lid, you'll spend less time emptying the cuttings and more time mowing. The mower also boasts a mulching plug which cuts grass trimmings finely enough to return them to the lawn as an eco-friendly feed, rather than having to pile them up in a corner of the garden!

The HYM3300E, not only has a mulching option, it also has a rear roller to leave your lawn with those all important stripes together with a cable support hook to prevent the power cable being pulled from the control panel. It really is a lot of lawn mower for not a lot of money!

View the HYM3300E corded electric mulching roller mower

The HYM3800E Rotary Rear Roller Mulching Corded Electric Lawn Mower Priced at £124.99

The HYM3800E electric mower is powered by a 1600w motor,  with a cutting width of 380mm, The HYM3800E is well suited for small to medium sized lawns up to approx. 225sq metres, 15m x 15m. Featuring a spacious quick release 30L grass catcher with a hard lid, you'll spend less time emptying the cuttings and more time mowing. There's even an eco-friendly mulching setting to return fine cuttings to the lawn rather than having to pile them up in a corner of the garden! Plus with the rear roller you'll be the envy of the neighbourhood with those iconic stripes that typify the Great British Lawn!

Attaching and removing the collection bag couldn’t be simpler and the convenient grass level indicator on the top of the grass catcher will always inform you when the grass catcher is ready to be emptied.

With 5 cutting heights, ranging from 20mm for a smooth lawn to 70mm for cutting longer grass, the HYM3800E puts you in control over the finish of your cut. The height is adjusted by a single 5 position lever, allowing you to adjust height with ease.

Operating the mower couldn’t be easier, simply press the safety button and pull back the Operator Presence Control lever and off you go. With an ultra lightweight design at just 12.5kg, you’ll find it easy to push around your garden, which is essential for hand push models to minimise fatigue and maximise manoeuvrability.

View the Hyundai HYM3800E Electric 1600W / 230V 38cm Rotary Rear Roller Mulching Lawnmower

The Hyundai Corded Garden Machinery Range

As you can see Hyundai really has put together an impressive range of corded lawnmowers to suit the needs of any user, from those who who just wants to get the job done quickly with minimal fuss to those who that want to take a little more time to get the perfect lawn to impress the neighbours.

It doesn't stop there either. If you think the corded range fits your needs perfectly then you'll find additional products launched alongside the 3 mowers for the 2020 season. There are lawnmowers, trimmers, chainsaws and a leafblower completing this impressive corded electric range from Hyundai.

HYM3200E and HYTR250E Mower and Trimmer Saver Bundle Priced at £99.99 

For the 2020 season Hyundai is offering a fantastic corded bundle , including ourr HYM3200E lawnmower and the HYTR250E  trimmer. This is a great value lawnmower and grass trimmer bundle is ideal for small gardens. 

Both the lawnmower and grass trimmer come with a generous 10m cable - meaning you'll have the lawn looking great in no time. You'll get a 320mm cutting width from the mower and 250mm from the grass trimmer. The lawnmower height can be adjusted to three different heights, by simply pulling the spring-loaded axles towards the centre and repositioning.

Hassle free lawn care

There's no fuel, oil or spark plugs to worry about plus you're up and cutting at the push of a button so you'll spend less time maintaining your equipment and more time enjoying your lawn. With an ample 25l grass collector the HYM3200E lawn mower means less trips to empty the cuttings too!

Easy to store and transport

If you're struggling for space this is the ideal trimmer and lawnmower bundle for you as the lawnmower handles fold down to fit in the shed or the car boot.

View the Hyundai HYM3200E+HYTR250E Corded Electric Lawn Mower and Trimmer Bundle

The HYTR250E Corded Electric Grass Trimmer Priced at £35.99

The HYTR250E is a lightweight and easy-to-use corded electric grass trimmer which is designed for every day domestic use, capable of cutting through grass and weeds with ease. It's powered by a 250W electric motor, providing ample power for your garden and the added convenience of a generous 10m cable to help you go further without the need for an extension lead.

Its compact and lightweight design make it a breeze around the garden and it won't take up too much space in the shed, while the additional handle to the front make the HYTR250E grass trimmer much more easy to manoeuvre than lesser models.

View the Hyundai HYTR250E 250W 25cm Electric Grass Trimmer

The HYC1600E Corded Electric Chainsaw Priced at £73.99

The HYC1600E is a lightweight electric chainsaw from Hyundai.  Powered by a powerful 1600 watt / 230 volt motor the HYC1600E is the ideal chainsaw for homeowners who require a medium-duty cutting application for those day to day woodcutting tasks.

Weighing only 3.9kg the HYC1600E has a cutting bar length of 335mm.  Perfect for domestic use the HYC1600E can be used indoors as well as outdoors, as there are no fumes.

Quick and easy tool-free assembly out of the box the HYC1600E features an ergonomic soft grip rear handle for user comfort during extended periods of use and easy manoeuvrability. The chain oil tank level can easily be checked through the transparent sight gauge.

To make using this chainsaw as simple as possible, The HYC1600E features tool-free chain tensioning and automatic chain lubrication. This allows you to get the very best performance out of your chainsaw at all times, and minimises the interruption to your gardening.

View the HYC1600E Corded Electric Chainsaw

The HYC2400E Corded Electric Chainsaw Priced at £94.99

The HYC2400E is a powerful electric chainsaw from Hyundai. Powered by a 2400 watt / 230 volt twin speed electric motor the HYC2400E is the ideal chainsaw for homeowner use for felling trees and cutting logs.

Weighing only 5.4kg the HYC2400E features a chain guide bar and chain of 400mm with an electric/mechanical chain brake which is activated in the event of a kick-back by pushing the brake handle forward. 

Perfect for domestic use, the HYC2400E can be used indoors as there are no fumes, as well as outdoors. The 12-metre power cable provides a substantial working area with no need to use an extension cable. The chainsaw handle has a cable loop which allows you to loop the cable back through the rear handle and around the loop to prevent excessive tension on the cable where it enters the handle.

View the HYC2400E Corded Electric Chainsaw

THE HYBV3000E Garden Blower Vacuum Priced at £49.99

The HYBV3000E 3000W corded leaf blower is a lightweight, versatile and powerful electric leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher from Hyundai, ideal for tidying up the grounds and gardens throughout the year.

Producing a maximum airspeed of 186mph (299km/h) the HYBV300E is highly versatile 3-in1 leafblower that can be used as a blower, vacuum or mulcher, mulching leaves into material suitable for composting.

Weighing only 3.3kg the HYBV3000E well balanced design is easy to transport and manoeuvre using the single over shoulder support harness providing a comfortable user experience during extensive use.

The easy to reach functions/variable speed switch allows you to select between vacuuming and blowing effortlessly whilst maintaining a controlled airspeed.

You can even use the leaf blower for clearing snow, grass trimmings or gutters and for drying vehicles and machinery.

View the Hyundai HYBV3000E 3-in-1 Electric Garden Vacuum, Leafblower & Mulcher



We really hope you have found this blog helpful and informative. If you have any further questions regarding this range from Hyundai please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team on 01646 687880 or you can email


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